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Problem with Weapon balance - Squigger - 03-25-2011

I have been having a stubborn bug recently that has refused to go away. What it basically does is that I cannot fire the primary mode in all of the weapons. This severely cripples my effectiveness when playing online. It actually not only effects me on the servers, but on single player and when I make my own server as well.

I have tried to fix it by deleting all of the git and downloading a new one, but the bug remains. Is there a way that I can get my weapon balance back to normal? Big Grin

RE: Problem with Weapon balance - Justin - 03-25-2011

Hmmm... Haven't been playing for some time but it can be caused by random bind You have attached (optionaly) to primary attack. Check it in menu.

RE: Problem with Weapon balance - BurningPi - 03-26-2011

Open your console (~ in the menu or game)
bind mouse1 +attack

That should fix it.

RE: Problem with Weapon balance - Squigger - 03-26-2011

That fixed it right up. Thank you so much!!!