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Mapping with Blender? - unfa - 03-30-2011


I do Blend. But I can't Radiant. Can I map with Blender?

RE: Mapping with Blender? - mepper[NoSkillsOnlyLuck] - 03-30-2011

I think, (I have Radiant, but don't really, ehhhhh understand Tongue) you can make a whole map. But that you can't make spawnpoints, death zone, bases etc. In that case you should just ask someone else do make them for you.

RE: Mapping with Blender? - sev - 03-30-2011

In theory, you can create a map in Blender and then import it into Radiant, as a model (or a collection of models). Or you can use a Blender export script to directly export the map to a .map file. Game entities are then added in Radiant.

However, several mappers have tried this (including me), and I didn't see any convincing attempt yet. There are lots of issues, concerning lightmaps, collision surfaces, vis, performance...

It seems that the best way to go is to build the base structure in Radiant, and then create models in Blender that are placed in the map to enhance it visually. If you are able to work with Blender, I really don't see how you couldn't learn how to work with Radiant.

RE: Mapping with Blender? - Debugger - 03-30-2011

I guess a whole map created in blender will have a performance lack (A whole map would be handled as a "very big model", wouldnt it?)

As some people already said, I think we seem not to have enough good tutorials for netradiant (as it is really very simple).

RE: Mapping with Blender? - unfa - 03-30-2011

I have little time and I'd love to learn radiant, but when I launch it, I fell lost Tongue

Well. So I'm gonna learn Radiant and try to use it in tandem with Blender.

I'd love to learn mapping as I think I might put out some cool places to frag around Smile

Is ir possible to make models for Xonotic with Blender, and maybe release a pack of models (for example lights or furniture, barrels, foliage, trash) so others can use them to decorate their maps? Something like static meshes in Unreal Engine.

Would be nice to build a base of such meshes, It would make creating beautiful maps much easier and faster, even without superior artistic skills.

RE: Mapping with Blender? - theShadow - 03-30-2011

I have started experimenting with making maps with blender and netradiant (making natural things, like terrain, rocks trees etc in blender and then making all structural things in radiant) so far, it seems quite promising.

and yeah, netradiant is a walk in the park compared to blender. if you can learn blender, everything else is easy :p

RE: Mapping with Blender? - Sepelio - 03-30-2011

Radiant is easy! Just follow the videos in my sig Tongue

RE: Mapping with Blender? - unfa - 03-30-2011

Thanks Smile
It really looks simple enough to start designing basic shapes, as I watch your movie, Spelio Smile

RE: Mapping with Blender? - Sepelio - 03-31-2011

I'll hopefully be getting back into mapping in about a month or so. Should have time to get back into it and make some more videos, people seem to take quite well to them. There was an in-depth written tutorial as well but the link appears to have died horribly.