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[DM] Azalea - kuniu the frogg - 06-14-2011

Rage_ATWM Wrote:And we obviously don't have enough flowers in xonotic.
I will try to fix this with my new map (although in not that obvious way...)

It's a quite small indoors map that hopefully will work for duels.
It isn't really finished, some areas would do with some more detailing but it's ready for some ingame tests.
So take a look at it and tell me what do you think.
(first concern - it might be a little bit too dark)


[Image: rvt5dltjuu72mf9x7qyn_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 7txnbow5s2eqy0wggam_thumb.jpg]
[Image: o8df1uve08z1uzrx23e_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 28es4ilnokpsdilcux30_thumb.jpg]
[Image: w7l2hun7v6ozvgyjbja3_thumb.jpg]

RE: [DM] Azalea - Mirio - 06-14-2011

This will be a good map I guess!

RE: [DM] Azalea - Lee_Stricklin - 06-14-2011

Can already tell this is gonna be a good one.

Yep, excellent map indeed

RE: [DM] Azalea - CuBe0wL - 06-14-2011

Very nice map, and not dark at all. Visually already appealing, and imagine if it'll have rtlights, animated shaders, sounds etc.
Also, it has lot's of trickjump places.
Very nice duel, or even 2v2, or 4 way DM map!

RE: [DM] Azalea - Rage_ATWM - 06-14-2011

Kuniu's touch.

A bit provocative to name a battlefield with a such a lyrical name Tongue

RE: [DM] Azalea - kuniu the frogg - 06-14-2011

(06-14-2011, 08:32 AM)C.Brutail Wrote: imagine if it'll have rtlights, animated shaders, sounds etc.

yeah, i need to make it a bit more "alive" Smile

RE: [DM] Azalea - unfa - 06-14-2011

Wow, really nice work, kuniu!

Looks like this will be a very playable duel map!

The only thing I dislike on the screenshots is the caption "AZALEA" - it seemsto me to be too sharp, too edgy. Maybe I could help you and model something to replace that? I mean, doing detailed meshes in Radiant doesn't seem possible.

RE: [DM] Azalea - kojn^ - 06-17-2011

Looks wicked, another great kuniu map? Smile

RE: [DM] Azalea - Rad Ished - 06-17-2011


RE: [DM] Azalea - Justin - 09-06-2011

OMg. O_o

RE: [DM] Azalea - Maddin - 09-06-2011

Great work! Although it needs a different texture-set, all the time the maps are using the same ones (my map including!).Rolleyes

RE: [DM] Azalea - lda17h - 09-08-2011

looks like really fun.. easy to learn. Big Grin