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[Movie] DEMOCALL - Fisume - 03-30-2010

Hey everyone Smile ,
As a last memory to the old Nexuiz, I am looking for demos for a community fragmovie.

Feel free to send me any sick stuff you have (as Midairs, awesome killing sprees, Double Nexkills, ...). Clanwar - and pickupstuff is preferred, but I will also accept sick kills from public servers.

Send demos to: nexuizmovie@googlemail.com
with rapidshare/mediafire links, or w/e, just make it comfortable.

Demos should be named as following: nickname_map_shortdescription (fisume_frage_doublenexkill).

I also need a .txt file with the correct timelines of the frags starting, e.g.:

Quote:1on1 vs BundY

Final Rage

12:40 (Warmup) - Mortarkill (3 hits, Walldamage)
12:10 - Mortarkill (Airshot, 2 hits)

If I get enough demos, I can hopefully release the movie on the 31th May (The 5th anniversary).


RE: [Movie] DEMOCALL - zombie - 03-30-2010

I sent one! It's from way back when I had the patience to record/convert demos, but I think it's at least still of minor interest.

RE: [Movie] DEMOCALL - kojn^ - 03-31-2010

Come on guys, he is serious about doing this, put some entries in!

RE: [Movie] DEMOCALL - CuBe0wL - 03-31-2010

I'll try to look at my demos.

RE: [Movie] DEMOCALL - soze - 03-31-2010

checking my vast collection for some =D

RE: [Movie] DEMOCALL - ai - 04-01-2010

There was like one or two nice kills I did, air or something. Dunno if I have it, I can check.