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[CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - kuniu the frogg - 01-11-2012

i know that some people might not like what i'm going to post here but...
...anyway it was one of things i really wanted to do since a long while.

soylent-ctf was one of my favs in nexuiz. Now, when we have such a nice soylent remake, i took the liberty of remaking soylent-ctf, basing on xoylent.
The layout of middle area is based on MaKR's nexuiz version.

here's the link:

Also, i'm not really sure what to do with the easter egg, for now it's enabled only in red base.

try it and tell me if everything works fine

[Image: w41ekwvx1fseujgohhs_thumb.jpg]
[Image: xg3cikd3jf8hw9gm5a8h_thumb.jpg]
[Image: r2rsxbv3bhgtv0g2g16c_thumb.jpg]

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - Mepper - 01-11-2012

I do reay like Smile

I liked that map a lot too, I'm definetely gonna download and try this tomorow.

It would be great if this map could be an official one like the normal Xoylent, great job!

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - Lord Canistra - 01-11-2012

Might be a great idea. Do it with proper amount of effort, so I can keep graphics fap while playing ctf.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - nowego4 - 01-11-2012

Only thing I didn't like about this map (and the old nex. version) was the hlac. and since both are equidistant from each side, they don't have to be the same weapon either. Although I can't think of any brilliant substitutes off hand (honestly, its got a lot of weapons for its size. Maybe try hagar for one side since that was on Xoylent.)

Otherwise, good work so far!

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - Rage_ATWM - 01-11-2012

Nice initiative kuniu.

Maybe your remake could have been an opportunity to somehow forbid/limit the access to the roof, which would make the gameplay better imho.

On a side note, i'm a bit surprised you didn't call it aoylent-ctf... Wink

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - Cortez666 - 01-11-2012

(01-11-2012, 04:14 PM)Rage_ATWM Wrote: On a side note, i'm a bit surprised you didn't call it aoylent-ctf... Wink

maybe he doesnt consider this as a a-grade map Tongue

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - kuniu the frogg - 01-11-2012

(01-11-2012, 04:14 PM)Rage_ATWM Wrote: On a side note, i'm a bit surprised you didn't call it aoylent-ctf... Wink

haha that actually is kind of a problem, but let's say this is just a side project, also my work on this map is just a small part of efforts made by Strahlemann, sev and MaKR so it shouldn't count as "my" map, so it's ok that the name doesn't start with "a".

And cortez, you know, your explanation is just wrong Smile

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - harry_ftw - 01-12-2012

When I try walking over the highest part of the map (on the roof in the middle) I get stopped by an invisible wall/ceiling. This makes me sad. Sad

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - MaKR - 01-12-2012

It's ironic that I decided to get online for the 1st time in months the day after this was posted.... I haven't had the chance to play it yet but the screens look awesome. Unfortunately I won't have time for a while cuz class just started and I have some software projects that are lacking the attention they need. kuniu it would be awesome to see this actually happen, and hopefully I can help the debate that has already started about the "problem" area of the roof. You're not going to make everyone happy. Invisible celings stopping people are ridiculous, and really the hump in the middle looks terrible. When nexuiz forked I was in the middle of releasing a final version that had the flat roof again. imo this is the way it should be. This map wasn't designed for pub play, it was designed for 3v3. I was also working on a "reloaded" version that had a center area that was larger than the sides and the roofs weren't connected. That map should be completed also and played on pubs. In the end remember that you are making this map, and while criticism is good, this will turn into a flame war and you'll have to just stick with something. All I'm adding about keep the roof playable and add a separate map for pubs is what my experience from soylent_ctf's original release was. If you'd be interested in making xoylent_ctf_reloaded for pubs I have 2 copies of soylent_ctf_reloaded - v1 is not as nice looking in the middle but v2 crashes servers when bots are added and no one seems to know how to fix that. I'll get you a link if you want for either or both. It might be good to throw it on a server again to test it out.

more specifics:

The hlac fits in the map better than the hagar, it's a space map.

The hump in the middle was originally to prevent people from running the roof and speedcapping without actually lowering the celing so the roof was impossible to get to. It prevented n00bs from running the roof, but not semi-experienced players who just went around it fast enough, and enabled them to camp the roof since they couldn't be picked off from the opposite side of the map. The last thing you want to do is prevent speedcapping by adding a camping barrier.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - kuniu the frogg - 01-13-2012

sure MaKR, i would love to see those maps, both preferably.

about the roof problem, i'm thinking about adding an effect used in DM version, but increase the power of it. Basically it pushes you down if you're jumping too high. I don't know if it was present also in nexuiz, but it it might work, i don't want to just block the roof by some invisible wall or something.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - CuBe0wL - 01-16-2012

I'd place turrets on the roof. Seriously. It's enough discouraging to try a speed capture, however, an oraganised attack that brings down the turrets might be rewarding enough.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - MaKR - 01-19-2012

Sorry it's taken so long to respond, I've been sick the last few days & don't have internet at home at the moment so missing school + work meant no internet. I have the .pk3 for both versions on my laptop, just need a way to get them to you. I could put them on my ftp if you'd like, or let me know if something else works better for you. I'll try to lurk on irc a bit as well.

As for turrets I don't oppose the idea, but was told that I'd be "disowned" if I put them on the roof. Meh, you can't please them all. Maybe getting the reloaded version on a server will make people not care about the roof of the original as much. Good luck.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - kuniu the frogg - 01-19-2012

(01-19-2012, 10:32 AM)MaKR Wrote: I have the .pk3 for both versions on my laptop, just need a way to get them to you. I could put them on my ftp if you'd like, or let me know if something else works better for you.

i don't have any preferences in this case, really. It doesn't matter if it would be your ftp or things like omploader etc.
Just PM me with link whenever you would find a while to pack it, no need to hurry.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - MaKR - 01-20-2012

So I made soylent_ctf_reloaded over 2 years ago and never released it because it crashed servers - turns out the only problem was waypoints.... >.< so if you want to run that on a server delete the waypoints and everything should work with the exception of bots camping spawn points. Let me know when you've had a chance to look at it & if you need anything else.

RE: [CTF] Xoylent (WIP) - Nodenum - 02-07-2012

Asking for realism in space maps probably isn't the smartest thing to do but
did anyone notice that the jump pad fan is spinning into the wrong direction?