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Sonic CD 2011 FINALLY hits Steam - Lee_Stricklin - 01-21-2012

As the thread title says, Sonic CD 2011 has FINALLY hit Steam about a month after console and only for $5 USD. Even cooler is that this version (and I assume all the other 2011 versions) is THE FIRST TIME that Sonic CD has been PROPERLY ported. It suffers none of the glitches that plagued the earlier PC versions or especially the god awful gems collection versions. In addition to that there have been numerous improvements made, the first thing that's immediately noticeable is the new menu screen after you press the start button on the title screen and it's added options such as the ability to choose spin dash type (Sonic CD style or Sonic 2 style), soundtrack type (Japanese or American soundtracks can be selected). The FMVs are also insane quality compared to the previous PC versions (which were already a major step up from the Sega CD/Mega CD versions) and will properly upscale to your resolution, revealing detail that didn't exist in any previous version of the game. Noticeable stuff in game is the freakishly fast response time of the game (no control lag what so ever, the originals feel VERY laggy compared to this), a frame rate that goes through the roof, extended music that properly loops (there is no pausing in the music this time around like in all of the other versions), and the three different graphics filters you can enable (smooth, sharp, nostalgia). Tails is also an unlockable bonus. Coming from someone that's played both the Japanese and American versions of the Sega CD version, the original 96 PC release, as well as the Gems collection version, I can honestly say that this is the definitive version of the game.