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Fosdem Meeting - Squigger - 02-23-2012

So I was checking stuff with open source blog, and I saw that Xonotic is having a part in the Fosdem (AKA Free and Open Source software developer's European meeting) and they are speaking about "The Road to 1.0". Here is the Link http://fosdem.org/2012/schedule/event/xonotic

I just wanted to ask the developers or anyone else who knows, what is going to be talked about the event? What can we expect with Xonotic 1.0?

Especially with Xonotic 0.6 coming along soon, I am excited to see what the Xonotic team has to offer in the future and what we might expect. Big Grin

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Spaceman - 02-23-2012

FOSDEM 2012 was held over the first weekend in February (4th and 5th about 19 days ago). You can see the talks here or here. The readme here says "Videos in the devrooms directory were not recorded by the FOSDEM video team, and may therefore be under a different license.".

Maybe Merlijn has an audio recording of his talk.

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Antibody - 02-23-2012

There isn't any recording of the talk, unfortunately.

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Spaceman - 03-03-2012

Merlijn's slide show, a review on Phoronix and comments on their forum.

RE: Fosdem Meeting - .Danny. - 03-04-2012

anyone have a DIRECT link to the notes or talk regarding xonotic only?

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Mr. Bougo - 03-04-2012

(03-04-2012, 08:49 AM).Danny. Wrote: anyone have a DIRECT link to the notes or talk regarding xonotic only?

It's in Spaceman's post just above yours. Wake up!

RE: Fosdem Meeting - .Danny. - 03-04-2012

a small summary of xonotic, some comments and the slide show isnĀ“t working for me. Unless the slide show shows the actual talks. Little help here?

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Spaceman - 03-04-2012

Slide 01

RE: Fosdem Meeting - Mr. Bougo - 03-04-2012

It works here. Use LibreOffice.

RE: Fosdem Meeting - freefang - 03-04-2012

For me the slideshow did work, but powerpoint made the text just as black as the background color, so I manually made it white to be able to read it.