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Blender to MAP exporter - z80 - 04-21-2010

Exporter: http://www.box.net/shared/r5fqthmusy
Example map: http://www.box.net/shared/u2zm53r7i4

This is the most recent version of the exporter. Take a look at an example map to get familiar with exporter abilities.

By now it's just a copy of an appropriate thread from alienTRAP site: http://www.alienTRAP.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5177&start=0.

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - Halogene - 04-21-2010

Thank you z80 for porting this very useful thread to the xonotic forum.

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - rainerzufalldererste - 04-22-2010

thx!!! makes everything much easier!!!

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - nifrek - 04-22-2010

Wow, good work, judging from the sample map that exporter sure has come a long way since last time I tried it.

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - Halogene - 04-29-2010

Ok, now I tried it again. I already have a link called bpymodels in my ~/.blender/scripts folder, so I extracted the bpymodules folder contents to /usr/share/blender/scripts/bpymodules/. and the nexuiz.py to ~/.blender/scripts/. Now the exporter script shows some options, but when I click on "prepare" I don't see anything to happen and when I click on "export" it gives me "python script error" again. I also tried to copy the nexuiz.py to /usr/share/blender/scripts/blender/., and removed everything in the ~/.blender/scripts/ folder that was there from the nexuiz exporter.

Before I tried to run the script, I always restarted blender.

Can't offer you any more slices of my brain, but did I miss something obvious again?

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - z80 - 05-04-2010

Halogene Well...it would be nice if you submit me with your blend file. Because from your explanation I even don't know what kind of error it was.

Also there is a PDF file from toneddu2000 with a tutorial for this exporter in a package. Despite of IMHO it contains much unnecessary details it might be worth to look it through to get familiar with the exporter.

And at the end I'd like to tell that I have an idea on improving textures alignment after export. So 0.22 version will soon apear. At least I believe it will be soon Smile

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - Halogene - 05-04-2010

Ok, I'll go through the PDF tutorial :o) maybe I was missing something. Thx anyway.

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - PineTrees - 05-10-2010

The exporter doesn't work.
I have the latest stable blender and tried to export the .blend files of buildings from the lincity project:

Just errors the hell out.
Also it can't export shades so it not useful.
I wanted to do this.
But like everything else it's a pipe dream.

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - Bistromath - 05-10-2010

Hello folks.

I'm pretty new to the darkplaces game engine, and only discovered it through a search for new, free games to beat up friends in some weeks ago. Since installing though, I've been looking at creating models / maps for it. The basics of models have been mastered (to a point - search for the HeadlessChickenKillZone if interested in my first rough modelling attempt) - so only maps to go.

I used to dabble with the old QIII tools... I think it was QUARK mostly.. But finally having the capability to easily import geometry (and textures!!) from blender is a godsend! Excellent tool here - I can only imagine the headaches you went through getting convex meshes detected *and* imported. I spent some time myself with similar tasks in C++, and I hope never to go there again (my particular nemisis was mesh merging and trying to overcome all those little floating-point inconsistancies).


Anyway - to the point: I've followed your threads on previous forums, and in case you are still looking for bug reports, I've found one. It's very minor (and can be avoided if you're not lazy about texturing like me), but it seems that quads assigned 2 UV coordinates at either end of two opposing edges cause a divide-by-0.

To clarify - I created a bounding room composed of 6 'brushes' in blender, but when UV unwrapping each, I projected from a view aligned to the largest face for each brush in turn. The result being that only 4 UV coords are assigned per brush, and duplicated for front and back faces of the brushes. The quads making up the 'edges' of the brush therefore cover only 1 dimension of the texture.

I'm not brave enough to look at your script (python scares me at the moment), but I guess it's your nasty, complicated UV coord matching code I can't bear to imagine that doesn't like my lazy texturing. I hope no more than an 'if' statement is needed!

Unfortunately, I overwrote the blender file while trying to find the origin of the problem! However, if you would like me to recreate the bug, I think I know how. It went away when I ensured all UV coords were unique.

Once again - amazing work! All I have to do now is get used to making DP-friendly maps in Blender, learn the minimal NetRadiant, and get to grips with shaders! You're a legend.

Quite a nifty wee sample map you have there too Smile

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - Bistromath - 05-11-2010

Hello again.

Putting in the first bits of architecture: I've constructed a test archway starting from a cube mesh, but discovered it doesn't quite work...

I take it I'm best keeping to prisms and not complex shapes?

If it *should* work, I'll post the file for you (not going to overwrite this time!)

RE: Blender to MAP exporter - z80 - 06-27-2010

Hello, guys!

I'm very sorry I didn't maintain my exporter project for relatively long time. I have a set of personal problems nowdays and it's hard for me to devote some resonable time to maintain the exporter project, sorry again.

Concerning your bug reports....thank you very much. That's very useful. As for exporting abitrary *.blend file one is strongly recommended to read the manual first. It is because not each mech may be converted to a set of brushes. There is a texture alignment problem I'm thinking how to solve in general way. And I don't really like my solution which may lead to creation one individual texture per each brush face.

I repeat again, don't try to export abitrary taken *.blend file. Nowdays there is a set of limitations on *.blend file content. And exporter succeeds only if all this limitations are taken into account when designing in Blender.

That's how it it now. If I have any improvement I'll let you know immediatelly. But please don't expect all shaders to be exported because it's grave difficulty for just one developer. If anyone wants to participate, please let me know!