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[comic] Distanced - hutty - 07-12-2012


welp ... the other comic wasn't going anywhere ... so im starting over ^^
introducing the second xonotic comic .... Distanced

this time I am improving both the quality ... and the compression of the images (no more inkscape)

this takes place about a year after the first comic ...

How to play

just like a video game ... you are the character ... you give commands the character does them ^^

.png   0001-comp.png (Size: 50.69 KB / Downloads: 313)

title screen

.png   0002-comp.png (Size: 96.8 KB / Downloads: 317)

you are Shanon ... you got a transition that some suspicious activity was happening on planet dust ... so naturally you snuck into a shipment in order to scout it out ...

you wake up in a metal room of a sort ... the temperature is moderately warm ... and the area is well ventilated ... you can also hear some noises in the distance ...

everything looks ordinary ... nothing suspicious ...

your HP is 100 ...
you are wearing your stealth delux ninja suit ...
you inventory is empty ...
you are not dead yet ..

RE: [comic] Distanced - machine! - 07-12-2012

Hmm, are we supposed to tell what he gonna do?

If so...

*bunny-hopping around checking for a weapon to pick up*

RE: [comic] Distanced - Justin - 07-12-2012

Hutty: You definitely need to gather a few friends of you and prepere RPG session for them. Anyway: Why Shanon looks so EMO? (nope, sorry. In that case he wouldn't have 100 HP).
Okey... so. As machine! said: Look around the planet, there might be something interesting. If I were shanon I would ch

RE: [comic] Distanced - asyyy - 07-12-2012

Shanon starts philosophizing about his role in the world. Eventually he concludes that he is nothing more than a 2d figure in a comic, made to amuse people in another dimension. Overwhelmed by that insight he forgets to breathe and dies. /the end

RE: [comic] Distanced - machine! - 07-12-2012

(07-12-2012, 02:18 PM)asy7um Wrote: Shanon starts philosophizing about his role in the world. Eventually he concludes that he is nothing more than a 2d figure in a comic, made to amuse people in another dimension. Overwhelmed by that insight he forgets to breathe and dies. /the end

-1 Come on dude, that's not even fun.

RE: [comic] Distanced - asyyy - 07-12-2012

I see a refreshing sense of self-irony in your sig.

RE: [comic] Distanced - Mr. Bougo - 07-12-2012

I think Shannon is a she.

RE: [comic] Distanced - Spaceman - 07-12-2012

Shaz heads east.

RE: [comic] Distanced - hutty - 07-12-2012

command taken :: bunny hop around and find weapons ::

.png   0003.png (Size: 81.75 KB / Downloads: 250)

Really? ... your going to have to be more specific than that ... Shannon counts at least 30 directions ... 64 if you include the non standard compliant ones ...

you remember that you had left your compass in your crate ... so you enable it...

RE: [comic] Distanced - machine! - 07-13-2012

Shannon got a great nose, he smell a rocket launcher down one floor.

So he takes the door in front of him and then he comes down he see that someone already have picked it up!

*scary music*

RE: [comic] Distanced - Mr. Bougo - 07-13-2012

I think Shannon is a she.

RE: [comic] Distanced - rocknroll237 - 07-13-2012

Shannon uses his compass for directions. He then finds the GOLDEN NEX!

Then at exactly the same time, a bearded figure walks in and says: "I think Shannon is a she." His name is Mr Bongo!

RE: [comic] Distanced - Cyber Killer - 07-14-2012

And then the bearded figure hands the golden nex to Shannon and says 'it\'s dangerous to go alone - take this!' ;-)

RE: [comic] Distanced - Minkovsky - 07-14-2012


if that fails,

>look for a weapon

RE: [comic] Distanced - Droid - 07-15-2012

(07-13-2012, 04:17 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: I think Shannon is a she.

What he says

RE: [comic] Distanced - tZork - 07-15-2012

1: find the big red button. 2: push it.

RE: [comic] Distanced - hutty - 07-15-2012

you are quite sure that you are a she ... at least you were last time you checked

.png   0004.png (Size: 56.67 KB / Downloads: 134)

seeing as your hlac was in a different box (and that box is no where near you) you think that it is in best interest to find some new weapons

you have a feeling that there is a weapon near by ... so you head strait forward towards the door...

.png   0005.png (Size: 35.57 KB / Downloads: 133)

the door opens automatically with a satisfying swoosh sound ... and you proceed down the stairs steps ...

.png   0006.png (Size: 68.47 KB / Downloads: 137)

you come up to the corner and look around ... being very careful to preserve your stealth ... as you look around ... sure enough ... there is a standard issue Xoni corperation self guided remote detonation rocket launcher delux edition ... XCSGRDRLDE for short ... or RL for even shorter ...

however ... you also see something else on the ground ...

... it doesn't look very happy...

RE: [comic] Distanced - aa - 07-17-2012

It looks like NanoErebus! It is still breathing hard. You aprrroach it. It tries to direct its Xoni Stadard Isssue Army Machine Gun towards you, but it is tooo weaak. A three shot burst cuts throught the air and hits the cieling.>>>

RE: [comic] Distanced - .Danny. - 08-05-2012

startled you open fire and shoot nanoerebus killing him in the process...with bullets. stunned silence(chooksta is away) you searh the body and find...

RE: [comic] Distanced - aa - 08-05-2012

A Xoni Standard Issue Army MG, 42 bullets for it, a Persanal Defence&Jump Laser-Based Device (PDJLBD for short, and Laser for even shorter), a Dogtag, a Red Electronic Accsess key, and a Staff of Life.
You want to throw the laser away, but then deside to craft an Aikimbo PDJLBD. You get 100 expirience points for doing so. Then you trow it away. You also throw away the Staff of life away, as it is nothing more than an Ester Egg to the game Spore...
You add the Dog tag to your collection of Dog Tags...

RE: [comic] Distanced - hutty - 09-09-2012

note :: your supposed to give Shanon commands ... not say what happens next :3

anyways ...


The innocent victim raises its gun

the innocent victim uses the last of it's strength to use the 3 burst mode of the MG... and fires into the cieling

.png   0010-comp.png (Size: 94.52 KB / Downloads: 62)
You hear the noise of someone in pain ... and blood starts dripping down from the ceiling ... the innocent victim is clearly dead ... anyways ...

.png   0011-comp.png (Size: 31.37 KB / Downloads: 61)

the innocent victim's inventory has ...
  • a MG
  • a monocle
  • a tetris t block
  • crylink tubing
  • mg bullets ..

RE: [comic] Distanced - aa - 09-10-2012

oh... so we are supposed to give orders?.. ok, no problem...

RE: [comic] Distanced - Cyber Killer - 09-10-2012

grab the tetris block! :-)

RE: [comic] Distanced - rafallus - 09-10-2012

T block? Chooksta's dream living place? Tongue