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Top down "Alien Swarm" type coop - Sarge999 - 09-13-2012

Hey, how about a top down "Alien Swarm" type coop mode mod?

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Mr. Bougo - 09-13-2012

Mod? I don't quite follow. Are you talking about making a standalone mod, or a game mode? Because I can't imagine this being a gamemode, it would need different game mechanics and maps.

IMHO this thread has nothing to do in "Xonotic - Suggestion box". And I don't know who here is going to take suggestions to create new games.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - PinkRobot - 09-13-2012

Hmmm... Chase_active 1.... and then I don't know anything.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Spaceman - 09-13-2012

Play with some of these
chase_active 1
chase_back 48
chase_up 24
chase_pitchangle 90 (or is it 0)

* Spaceman starts Nexuiz and tests

chase_active 1
chase_overhead 1
chase_up 1000
chase_pitchangle 90

gives a nice overhead view

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - rocknroll237 - 09-13-2012

Sweet! I'll try this out soon.

I reckon it might actually work. Ask MicreaKitsune, he's the mod expert! Smile

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - edh - 09-13-2012

There are some obvious problems with this kind of chase_overhead view that mean that you can't use it for the same gameplay as Xonotic. Maps have to be thought of as being 2 dimensional which means all (?) of the current maps are unplayable with this view. Also the view from above is pretty ugly for a lot of maps given all of the caulking that goes on. In addition you can't aim properly as you can't see if you're aiming up or down, hence you would have to use in_pitch_min/max (or maybe sv_aim instead to give autoaiming) so that it is only approximate direction that you have to aim in.

It does give me an idea though: what about a 2D map? Just as a novelty really, a map intended to be played from above with basic obstacles like walls, a few ramps, maybe a slime pit you can fall into and just give it all of the usual weapons and pickups that you would find in a normal map. All of the configuration should be OK from within a map config file? Perhaps some fun to be had in just trying it.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Cyber Killer - 09-13-2012

Why not just simply make some maps/campaign for Alien Swarm instead? That game has this kind of gameplay mechanics already done and needs good maps too ;-).

I'm against modifications that aim to change Xonotic into something it's clearly not intended to be.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Antibody - 09-14-2012

This is an idea for an entirely new game, not a mod for Xonotic. I fail to see how the top-down paradigm gels with "fast-paced, arena style first person shooter."

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Sarge999 - 09-15-2012

I think that this would be an ideal way to implement a multiplayer coop mode in xonotic. It is true that you need new maps, but these would be rather simple, as they would only be "2.5D". I see the point in making "new maps for Alien Swarm", but Alien Swarm is not OpenSource. Alien Swarm is Steam junk, so it sucks. Xonotic is OpenSource, and therefore Xonotic rocks. There would be no alterations to the engine needed, because DarkPlaces already looks better than that Unreal engine they use in Alien Swarm. I don't think that this would be too far off the original game mechanics. Bunny hopping would be inappropriate in 2.5D though.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - Cyber Killer - 09-17-2012

Alien Swarm doesn't use the Unreal engine, it uses Valve's Source engine. Alien Breed Impact uses the Unreal engine.

There is a DarkPlaces based top down shooter though - it's called Steel Storm.

Anyway - your idea chganges the gameplay completely. While I personally love top down shooters, I think it would be better to do a separate game for such gameplay than implementing it in Xonotic.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - tZork - 09-18-2012

as a mod or a perhaps a fork, why not. Its quite a bit of work but fully doable.

RE: Top dpwn "Alien Swarm" type coop - TH3FTB0T - 09-24-2012

The first Alien Swarm is a mod for UT2004!