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Disable Map Preview Map On Votescreen - -maniac|Su- - 12-17-2012

Hi PeepZ,

is it possible to disable the map preview in map vote screen??
On CTS server most maps dont have a preview and its annoying to see always the images preview missed ... Tongue
Is the any command to disable mapscreen preview??

I.ve only found the command:


GreetZ Su

RE: Disable Preview Maps - PinkRobot - 12-17-2012

I don't know if it's possible to only show the map names on the vote screen. However, I think you'd better ask .packer or ks.rydzyk (force-crusdaers.org server) for their map screens and how to use them on your own server.

Rydzyk made new screenshots for a lot of maps, including a difficulty indicator in the corner which looks and works very nicely on a CTS server.


Without map previews it will become even more random to pick a map, then you might as well just use a normal map rotation.