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Bad resolution change! Stuck on black screen! - Dazerio - 12-20-2012

I changed my screen resolution in the game settings to try and get a better frame rate, but my screen is now black... I tried reinstalling the game but that didn't change anything.
I can't remember the screen resolution that I changed to, is there any way to reset the settings or remove the settings file and download a new default one?

RE: Bad resolution change! Stuck on black screen! - Mr. Bougo - 12-20-2012

What is your operating system?

You will have to either edit your configuration file by hand to disable fullscreen or launch the game in windowed mode.

In *NIX operating systems, the easiest way to go would be to launch the game by passing it the "+vid_fullscreen 0" argument from a terminal:
cd /path/where/the/xonotic/binary/is/
followed by
./xonotic-linux-sdl.sh +vid_fullscreen 0
or, in Mac OS X,
open Xonotic.app --args +vid_fullscreen 0

In Windows, you can do the same thing in the command prompt using the following:
xonotic-sdl.exe +vid_fullscreen 0
after getting into the right directory using the cd command.

You could also follow the instructions in this post but replacing -nosound and -nohome with +vid_fullscreen 0

You can also locate your config.cfg file and edit it with a text editor to change the vid_fullscreen line from 1 to 0 or change the vid_width and vid_height to the right resolution. But [b]please[b] don't use Notepad or Word in Windows to do that: I can't guarantee it will get the line endings right and you might screw up your config.cfg. The problem with that is that config.cfg's location (the personal data directory) depends on your OS and I can't tell for sure where that is. In Linux, it's in ~/.xonotic/data. In Windows, it's sometimes found in your User directory under "My Saved Games" or somesuch. That's all I know.

RE: Bad resolution change! Stuck on black screen! - edh - 12-20-2012

Another method is to type blind in the console. Load the game, wait for the music to start up then press Shift + Esc to bring down the console.

Then type:

vid_width 1024

...then press enter...

vid_height 768

...then press enter...


...back to defaults!

What resolution were you trying? What hardware and software are you using? It may be interesting to find out if there is some compatibility issue somewhere. A driver problem is a possibility here.

RE: Bad resolution change! Stuck on black screen! - Dazerio - 12-22-2012

Thanks guys, I got the problem solved, I used the blind console method.

The graphics card I use is an old nvidia geforce 7300 LE, my PC screen resolution is 1280 by 768 pixels, I have no idea if this is relevant, but there you go! ^.^
The resolution I tried on the game was either 720x576 or 720x480