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Xonotic Physics + DODGE = INTENSE FAST FUN! - kojn^ - 05-05-2010

Ok here's a demo on lda17h's server me vs him just some fun with new settings of physics and dodge..prepare for speed, it is UT fast with dodge but seemed very playable, it's kind of like QW / UT and nex and RL are the biggest weapons we used, but crylink all the others were still useful.

It was hard to hit with RL because I think the radius is set to lower and you need to predict more with it because dodge is so useful even though were both just generally bashing our key's I thought this was a super FUN demo.

If you thought nexuiz was fast fun.


demo is Xonotic_final_balance.dem I believe, it's the only one with Xonotic in it's name.

Have fun, tell me what you think..was just a fun game with a tweaked nex at 70 damage but more like UT's shock in refire, but I never laughed and had so much fun for a long time so thought I'd share.

By the way I think it's quick just because dodge allows you to pick up speed so quick if you go into a strafe, I don't know if xonotic would be anthing like this, but it was cool and I really liked it!

P.S Also used the current camping rifle, I preferred this to using the nexgun actuallyjust we never used it in this game because the map didn't have it but had a little play with it on cores by lda17h and I thought it was a very good weapon primary anyway, I never tried secondary hardly, and with the dodge and ballistic shot it still takes skill to use, found it more rewarding then the nex Smile

RE: Xonotic Physics + DODGE = INTENSE FAST FUN! - Cuinnton - 05-05-2010

very cool, it would be a nice feature

RE: Xonotic Physics + DODGE = INTENSE FAST FUN! - kojn^ - 05-06-2010

Edited my first post as I wrote it way too quickly last night.

RE: Xonotic Physics + DODGE = INTENSE FAST FUN! - lda17h - 05-06-2010

Yeah, i tweaked RL settings and some other stuff quite heavily on that server additional to dodging. So it's not representative for what xonotic will be.. RL had both nerfed damage and splash, but higher refire rate. nex, too. 1 sec refire, but 70 dmg.

I had severe connection problems in the second half of that match. But it wouldn't have changed the score anyways ;D It was still a loads of fun and i actually got some frags..
BTW: One thing i found out while tweaking weapons balance is:

It's damn hard to make a good one.. So play with these settings and mostly: playtest them Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Physics + DODGE = INTENSE FAST FUN! - CuBe0wL - 05-08-2010

I don't have the map. Could somebody pls link me?