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"Official" Dev Build? - VNilla - 05-09-2010

Has the community decided on an "official" dev build yet? Some central git that everyone is working off of? If so, can someone post a precompiled version, or if not, do we have any idea of when there will be one? Thanks in advance.

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - divVerent - 05-10-2010

There IS a central git everyone is working off, but we do not have any finished maps yet and thus cannot make autobuilds.

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - VNilla - 05-10-2010

Ah. OK. I assume that once we have an autobuild, there'll be a main page post or something about it?

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - divVerent - 07-08-2010

As apparently some people misunderstood: Xonotic will have NONE of the Nexuiz maps, and new maps are being made at the very moment. We have quite some almost-finished maps in the branches, all they still need is texture path cleanups (to follow a common convention) and I could immediately merge three, four of them and start making autobuilds.

Development has not STALLED, like some blogger wrote. It is going along very well, and as you can see on the screenshot pages, lots of new high quality content is being made.

This is NOT a lame excuse for not making autobuilds. It is a clear cut to get an increase in visual quality that is way above all that Nexuiz ever had - and if we included all the old maps, I bet half the screenshots of the game will still have blurry 256x256 textures on them.

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - Sepelio - 07-09-2010

I'd like to note here that the reason I'd like a build is so that I can create maps!

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - CuBe0wL - 07-09-2010

And I'd like to point out you can still use git, to checkout other mappers' branches. Yes,it is very large, but still, I have to point out that even the textures and shaders change day by day, so a static dev release could become deprecated and incompatible on the very next day of it's relesae.

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - FruitieX - 07-09-2010

(07-09-2010, 09:01 AM)Sepelio Wrote: I'd like to note here that the reason I'd like a build is so that I can create maps!

Then either wait, or build from GIT and accept that you will likely have to change a lot in your map (luckily mostly find & replace) if tZork decides to change something about the texture/model/shader structure (it's still completely open, which is the reason for no autobuilds yet) Smile

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RE: "Official" Dev Build? - Mr. Bougo - 07-09-2010

Sepelio, make your own build in that case, it's not too complicated after all...

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RE: "Official" Dev Build? - Sepelio - 07-09-2010

I tried but I'm a complete failure at using GIT and the related programs that are needed for it.

RE: "Official" Dev Build? - Mr. Bougo - 07-09-2010

Come on irc and learn :x