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Original laser weapon sounds. - unfa - 05-01-2013


Maybe someone would want to use these in Xonotic:


It's all ZynAddSubFX and LMMS.

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - Squigger - 05-01-2013

These are some cool sounds, the ones at the beginning/end makes me think about a sound I would hear once I have the strength powerup.

These would fit the laser a lot better than the current sound.

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - Morphed - 05-02-2013

great sounds, but we need them under GPL license

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - g4spr0m - 05-02-2013

These are good sounds, but besides first 5 seconds, which I really love, I don't think they are good for a PC game, where you hear them hundreds and thousands of times. They are too high-pitched for my ears, and while they are good, when heard just once, I'm pretty sure they will become annoyance after shooting laser X times. This isn't even matter of opinion, this is what my body tells me.

I have this problem with Nex. It has good shooting sound, but after playing some time, I can't stand its "white noise" in the background when it shoots.

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - unfa - 05-04-2013

@ Squigger:
I see... maybe the last one with a slow decay for strength?

@ Morphed:
I can release them sound under GPL with sources (MMPZ file for LMMS 0.4.10 or higher), no problem.

@ g4spr0m:
I may try modifying it, to be less stessful on the ears.

I took a look at present Laser sounds (0.6.0) and basing on them I made a replacement:
(should go to data/sound/weapons/)


I've noticed that other sounds are louder comapard to mine, so here's a version louder by 5 dB (Fast Lookahead Limiter with minimum release)

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - Squigger - 05-04-2013

Yeah that would be awesome Big Grin

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - unfa - 05-05-2013

Okay, so what's next - shall we make a poll on replacing old Laser sounds?
Or should I make a ticket in the dev tracker?


Here's the ticket:

RE: Original laser weapon sounds. - Maddin - 05-08-2013

These sounds sound great though I would rather use them for the (hopefully soon) upcoming Lighning Gun. As for the Laser, I´d still prefer the old sound.