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Join the Xonotic mapping team - Mirio - 06-13-2013

Hello mappers! Big Grin

We (kuniuthefrogg, me, Debugger) are looking for another mapper to help us out with official maps.

So if you are interested in the process of getting new maps (and fix stuff) into future release and want to help out leave a message here!
Obviously you need to have some mapping knowledge.

You need to be trustworthy and around in IRC. Also an "everything sucks" attidude is not desired and you need to expect heated discussions. Wink
You are to allowed to present your own map suggestions and ideas, but of course not anything will be accepted in the end.

Your tasks would be to fix bugs in current official maps and/or polish possible new maps. Smile

~ hf

RE: Join the Xonotic mapping team - CuBe0wL - 06-14-2013

Fanatic sources are already on git, Lightspeed and Leave'em behind are part of the game. I'd personally like to continue on Deathball. "Further in the past" I'd totally like to do it.
+add Fortress resurrection a bit modified as new CTF map, retextured and the bases reworked a bit (I know it was too large)

Sources are on git iirc. Name has to be changed though.

Also, don't forget this proposal that nobody cared about on mapping:

RE: Join the Xonotic mapping team - Maddin - 06-14-2013

It would be a pleasure for me to help out and be part of the Xonotic mapping team.

I now have more freetime to get things things done (school is finished since months) and I´m currently working on a brand new map of which I´ll release some screenshots soon. You´ll find other creations of me in my signature. Lately I´m also using git for some of my C++ projects, so I do have experience with that too.

(06-13-2013, 08:34 PM)Mirio Wrote: You need to be trustworthy and around in IRC.
As soon as it is required I can be online then. No problem at all. Smile