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Texture Question? - kidx - 07-25-2013

What is the Highest Resolution Xonotic can take any one know this ?

RE: Texture Question? - satuim - 07-26-2013

It depends on the map.
So depending on the map, it could be (over 9000)

RE: Texture Question? - Maddin - 07-26-2013

NetRadiant as well as Xonotic handle textures up to 8192^2 pixels, greater ones aren´t displayed anymore or even makes the game to crash, though Q3Map2 still compiles the map.

The problem is that the bigger the resolution the bigger will be the filesize of the image. This affects the loading and compile time plus downloading your files will take ages. I made a test image (greyscale, so coloured images will be even bigger!) and wrote down the file size of each:

1024^2 : 0.1Mb
2048^2 : 1.5Mb
4096^2 : 5.3Mb
8192^2 : 19.3Mb
16384^2 : 65.6Mb

I would say keep your textures as small as possible. Use 1024^2 images for regular things and if it´s really needed then 2048^2.

RE: Texture Question? - FruitieX - 07-26-2013

but i just tested with a grey 8192x8192 image and compressed to the png format, and the resulting file size is only 212K!

kidx i'd say 8192^2 is legit go for it

RE: Texture Question? - Maddin - 07-26-2013

But what makes me curious is why you need such high resolutions?

RE: Texture Question? - aa - 07-26-2013

For high quality.

RE: Texture Question? - tZork - 07-27-2013

While huuuuuuuge textures are possible, don't go there unless you have a good reason too. As mentioned they increase file size and load time, but more importantly they eat up GPU memory needed for other things. Most things are fine at 1024^2, you could go as high as 4096 for specific things, but at that's mainly necessary when skinning (eg using models). For brushwork using a lower texture scale and multiple textures is the way to achieve high detail. Also note that if you're looking for max texture sexyness, begin with making sure you turn off all compression options:



Set all those to 0 and do a vid_restart. Be warned though, unless you have a gpu with tons of onboard memory, even the default maps and assets will likely mean constant dipping into system memory which in turn means lower performance.