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Maps with a focus on skiing - Lee_Stricklin - 08-12-2013

It's not super common to see in Xonotic, but the current physics set actually allows for an interesting trick jump technique known as skiing. Skiing is a technique that plays a major role of player movement in StarSiege: Tribes and all of it's sequals. Tribes 1 & 2 skiing involves repeatedly bunnyhopping down a slope to gain speed and using momentum to go up hills. This technique is valuable for navigating mountainous terrain (such as valleys, rolling hills, volcanic areas, and even moon surfaces.) that exists in those games and said technique is usually aided by a constantly regenerating jetpack. Given that Tribes 1 ran on GoldSRC (a Quake engine with very little modification), I'm pretty sure it's possible to see this happen in DarkPlaces-powered Xonotic, especially since massive terrain maps have already existed in Nexuiz (look up CTF Evergreen) and huge open maps already exist for vehicle-related gametypes in Xonotic. Bringing in maps that spawn you with a regenerating jetpack and having a focus on the ski mechanic, would greatly expand on Xonotic's gameplay variety and would without a doubt allow the game to do what the now dead Tribes games does better than what actual Tribes itself did. Such maps would also make vehicular gameplay a bit more interesting as it would provide limitations and advantages that are dependent on what vehicles you're using.

RE: Maps with a focus on skiing - Justin - 08-12-2013

We do have 3 or 4 maps compatible with this idea. I would be against implementing it into regular CTF, as its allready super fast (see http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=4371 ). Although in vehicles it might be worth a shot. I would rather see something similar to the silder (Unreal Turnament CTF).

RE: Maps with a focus on skiing - Lee_Stricklin - 08-12-2013

I don't see how implementing it into regular CTF would make it worse, in fact it may improve it a bit. One major part of skiing involves grabbing some air and then hitting a slope just right so that you gain momentum. Hopping up in the air opens you up some serious hell via hitscan weapons. Staying on the ground (especially on a terrain map) opens you up to just about anything that's explosive. About 90% of the victims that got sniped in Tribes were those that were in the air, same goes for those that got mowed down by machine gun fire.

RE: Maps with a focus on skiing - machine! - 08-13-2013

Mutators exist you know. Wink

RE: Maps with a focus on skiing - Lee_Stricklin - 08-13-2013

Mutators don't affect maps. Only thing in here that a mutator can maybe change is jetpack behavior.

btw this video covers skiing and does a good job explaining how it works in Tribes 2. Skiing in Xonotic actually works very similarly, however there are hardly any terrain maps available that put that skill to use and you don't spawn with a jetpack unless a mutator is activated and said jetpacks don't have regeneration.

RE: Maps with a focus on skiing - machine! - 08-13-2013

That was what I meant, jetback by default maybe exist in mutators. What Justin is most against is probably having it by default if I understood him correctly.

Also, there's some tribe's like maps out there on some servers and it's kinda fun, even though I haven't done it with jetback. Smile