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Clan Arena - Majki - 08-12-2013

Why there is no single Clan Arena server? Clan Arena is most popular in QuakeLive among non-oldschool-quakers - simplest way to play such fast game.

RE: Clan Arena - deoxys - 08-12-2013

Samual Wrote:Do it yourself, or stop complaining.

RE: Clan Arena - Mirio - 08-12-2013

vcall ca

Big Grin

RE: Clan Arena - Mr. Bougo - 08-12-2013

(08-12-2013, 11:37 AM)ballist1c Wrote:
Samual Wrote:Do it yourself, or stop complaining.

Majki would have to start complaining in the first place. This isn't very helpful.

RE: Clan Arena - Vargos - 08-13-2013

Some servers (especially XPM) has CA as a votemode

RE: Clan Arena - Majki - 08-13-2013

I was just curious. Clan Arena Dominates in QuakeLive. It's popular among casuals. You don't have to collect anything, no timing of items and so on. Very fun.

RE: Clan Arena - asyyy - 08-13-2013

Because in Xonotic it is a spamfest. You hit someone 10 times and he is still alive. Impossible to predict the exact amount of shots it takes to finish an opponent. Due to that you cannot plan/foresee attacks and most people become quickly bored if they cannot control the game. You cannot sell that to quakers or anyone else who plays that kind of shooters semi-seriously.

RE: Clan Arena - Majki - 08-13-2013

Maybe it's time to introduce weapon switch cooldown penalty Smile

RE: Clan Arena - asyyy - 08-13-2013

Maybe it is time for a reasonable set of non-redundant weapons which follow strict and easy rules when it comes to behavior, dealing damage and ammo consumption.

RE: Clan Arena - Debugger - 08-13-2013

hahah yea Smile

RE: Clan Arena - aa - 08-13-2013