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cant download map, black map area - jaybates86 - 10-07-2013

New to the game. Running UbuntuStudio. Downloaded the game from the website. Unzipped and placed Xonotic folder in /home/jay. Run the game by a toolbar launcher with the command: /home/jay/Xonotic/xonotic-linux64-sdl

Every time I try to join a game online i get a black map area because I don't have the map. I was told they are supposed to download by themselves. I get ??? in the status bar near the bottom when it is trying to download. I read on here to do a comdump command after I was unable to laod a map. That file is attached. Any and all help would be greately appreciated!

RE: cant download map, black map area - Mr. Bougo - 10-07-2013

You seem to be having proxy issues. Apparently there's a gateway running ClearOS throwing an error page at you when Xonotic tries to download stuff. Note that Xonotic uses a special user agent and referrer, which has been a problem for some people behind firewalls before.

Talk to your network administrator.

RE: cant download map, black map area - Smilecythe - 10-07-2013

Does this happen in every server?

RE: cant download map, black map area - jaybates86 - 10-07-2013

@Mr. Bougo - I was afraid it was something to do with that. I live in an apartment complex that gives free wifi with access through an authenticaed proxy. It is setup through ClearOS. .......darn Sad

@Smilecythe - The default maps will load and play fine in online multiplayer. Just get a blank map with people running around when trying a non stock map. Same thing happened with Nexuiz but I thought it was from me not personally downloading and installing maps.

Thanks for the input guys.

RE: cant download map, black map area - Mr. Bougo - 10-08-2013

You're saying that the game itself works though... That means only http seems to be affected so far.

I'm still not quite sure what the current problem is. That error page that's dumped in your log tells you to configure your browser with certain proxy settings. Can you try setting the environment variable http_proxy to what your ClearOS gateway expects? Libcurl should be honoring that. The http_proxy variable should be documented somewhere, look it up to see the format. You can then set it by launching Xonotic from a terminal in this way:
cd /home/jay/Xonotic
http_proxy='socks5://' ./xonotic-sdl
http_proxy='http://jay:password@' ./xonotic-sdl

If that doesn't work because of user agents or something else, perhaps you could try to run a local proxy of some sort to make the http queries Xonotic a little more friendly to your apartment proxy?

RE: cant download map, black map area - Halogene - 10-08-2013

Can you make sure you have libcurl installed? IIRC, it does not automatically come with Ubuntu(Studio), try "sudo apt-get install curl" and check if it still won't work.

Edit: ah, I see from your condump that libcurl has successfully been loaded. Ok, then this is not the problem :o)