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Xonotic gfx work - dca - 11-04-2013

Does xonotic graphics engine needs any improvement?

I'd like to jump in but haven't found any relevenant info for that. (except that X. uses darkplaces)

RE: Xonotic gfx work - Calinou - 01-25-2014

Probably not much to be done, but water rendering with reflections looks weird from below. Also, blob shadows.

RE: Xonotic gfx work - poVoq - 01-26-2014

Umm... there are plenty of cool things that could be added to Darkplaces. Its a bit sad that it isn't developed very actively anymore (except for bug fixes).

As a start I would have a look at the similar FTEqw engine (also based on quake1) and port over some of their cool features. Especially cool would be the realtime lit terrain that can be editied in game and the in game lights and particle editor.
Ragdolls via ODE (and tested with xonotics models btw.) are also working in FTEqw.

Have a look at these threads:

Don't get confused by the really outdated FTEqw website, it is actively developed and the latest version can be found here:

RE: Xonotic gfx work - Mr. Bougo - 01-26-2014

Real time lighting can be edited ingame with DarkPlaces. Look at the r_editlights_* commands and variables:
cvarlist r_editlights*
cmdlist r_editlights*

RE: Xonotic gfx work - Maddin - 01-26-2014

Does Xonotic need better graphics? Of course!

What does it need? colour grading, realtime shadows which don´t eat your hardware Wink, support for LOD models for misc_models, volumetric effects/water, god rays, High Dynamic Range, bugfixing q3map2! ... just to mention a few Tongue

See the wiki for information on:
You should also join the IRC channel #xonotic on freenode.net and talk to some of the main developers.

RE: Xonotic gfx work - poVoq - 01-26-2014

@Mr. Boungo: Yes but not with an easy to use light entity editor like in FTEqw. It is probably easy to get the QC code for it running in DP also though.

@Maddin: I think the engine behind Unvanquished (quake3 based) has color grading implemented. Might be a good source for porting some C and GLSL shader code to DP.

RE: Xonotic gfx work - Calinou - 01-26-2014

(01-26-2014, 09:38 AM)Maddin Wrote: colour grading

Highly overrated.

(01-26-2014, 09:38 AM)Maddin Wrote: realtime shadows which don´t eat your hardware

They already don't eat your hardware. Shadow maps are always expensive.

(01-26-2014, 09:38 AM)Maddin Wrote: High Dynamic Range

It used to have HDR. Try "apropos hdr".

RE: Xonotic gfx work - Maddin - 01-26-2014

Wow, you really got a point there... not. Try harder!

RE: Xonotic gfx work - poVoq - 01-27-2014

Lets hope we didn't scare dca away Undecided