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Tearing issues since last update - Halogene - 01-16-2014

I'd like to know if other people have tearing issues since the last update of Xonotic. I'm not sure it is depending on the Xonotic update I did, since I updated my system at the same time (including the nvidia driver to version 331.38). I'm running on Arch Linux here, with vsync enabled both in the Xorg settings as well as in the game (even switched it off and on again with vid_restart in between). Compositing effects are disabled before Xonotic starts. It's the first time I experience tearing in Xonotic, that's why I think it must have something to do with the update (either system or Xonotic). The internet doesn't say anything related so far about the 331.38 driver though.

Did anyone else experience this problem?

(...just yesterday I explained how I don't see that Arch Linux breaks frequently upon updating...)