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Some ideas from my FPS experience - simbian - 02-03-2014

Hello, as i have wrote in the Welcome section im a long time fast paced FPS player, particularly about UT3.

What i would like to see/expect for new features about Xonotic are:

- weather conditions (rain, snow...)
- higher physx (eg. breakable walls when shoot on them)
- as i can see from the maps in the Wiki they are all futuristic, will like to have more "ambient" (nature, ruins, etc...) and also elements like waterfalls, fire...
- more "powerpacks" (i remember in UT3 "power jump", "invisibility" or "super armor" for tot. seconds for example)


RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - frostwyrm333 - 02-03-2014


- just particle effects, the map drain has some rain
- possible, there are barrels and stuff, depends on map makers
- not really a problem, but I also have enough of metal mazes, would require new textures and stuff
- power jump is unnecessary (check the guides on the forums), the other powerups are actually in the game

RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - Halogene - 02-03-2014

Except for breakable walls, almost everything is already there in one form or another. For weather conditions check out the map "drain", which I think is official and it rains in there if I am not mistaken. I've also played maps with snow falling from the sky, but that was some custom map.

As for breakable objects we have some barrels that explode, implementing real walls that break apart and segments fly around would require to integrate a proper physics engine which is sort of very hard to do as far as I am informed. This would also probably allow ragdolls. There have been experiments though.

Custom maps feature all kinds of scenarios, though generally nature maps are harder to play as they would naturally contain less flat surfaces and a lot of bumps (which makes bunny hopping a pain). But there are a couple of medieval settings (think about farewell).

Xonotic is lacking the "power jump", but we have the "jetpack" instead. "Invisibility" is on maps that place it (mostly in minsta game mode), also "shield" which does about what "super armor" would do, then we have "strength" and "speed", also the minsta nex and the "fire ball" can be made available via powerup.

So it's less that we lack the features, it's more that these items are scarcely used in maps, so what you look for can be only provided by mappers. But as the powerup items can very quickly ruin a good map's gameplay, people are very careful about placing them on maps.

RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - simbian - 02-03-2014

thanks for all the answers, im pretty happy to read that Xonotic contains all these elements in a form or another or that can be included in custom maps :-)

Im checking the Newbie Corner, thanks for all the info provided Halogene!

RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - Smilecythe - 02-05-2014

We got laser and (air)rocket jumps! They compensate the missing power jump efficiently.

RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - -maniac|Su- - 02-09-2014

(02-03-2014, 07:25 AM)simbian Wrote: .. weather conditions (rain, snow...)...and also elements like waterfalls, fire...

Such things on Xonotic?
Never seen Tongue

[Image: xonoti18.jpg]

GreetZ Su

RE: Some ideas from my FPS experience - thimo - 02-11-2014

Breakable walls? How cool would that be, think about two rocketeers duelling on aerowalk, there would be no walls left =) just an open cube after 10mins >Big Grin