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Zero-K - aa - 06-02-2014

I have recently tried to install the above... thing and ended up with no results whats how ether. Did anybody ever succeed with running it on linux natively, without wine?

RE: Zero-K - poVoq - 06-02-2014

Did you install that mono based lobby? I tried it a while ago if I remember correctly, and without that it wasn't possible to start a meaningful game.

RE: Zero-K - unfa - 06-05-2014

aa, I'm been playing this game but a year ago.
It run natively in spring engine on Linux.

The engine however ha some problems after upgrading, so it had to be downraded to run the game.

RE: Zero-K - Karamel - 06-06-2014

I remember installing it long ago. It ran well on the lobby even if I had hard time understanding that spring and Zero-K are installed individually (as if we needed to install Darkplaces before Xonotic…). It required the mono library.

Does anyone have found how to set up a server? I may have not understood how to start local sessions and it ran me away from the game.

RE: Zero-K - aa - 06-07-2014

Yes, can someone explain two things two me:1why developers are so uninterested in make game playable for people, and second of all, why can't other games can't make universal binaries like Xonotics? I have heard some crap about all systems being different, but we and the commercial games manage to overcome that somehow!

RE: Zero-K - poVoq - 06-08-2014

Looks like they are working on a much easier version for their Steam release (they got greenlit recently).

RE: Zero-K - Ablu - 10-03-2014

On linux the mono client is not working at all, and the old spring client is horrible too. I now gave up getting it running again after each update... Which is sad since spring/zero-k is a nice game...

But I can advise you to try out warzone2100. That works nicely under linux too. But it is a bit more slower-paced.


RE: Zero-K - aa - 10-03-2014

Yea, i know WZ2100. Works well.