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Official CTF maps poll #2 - Mirio - 07-15-2014

Hello Xonoticans!

Xonotic needs more official maps and especially CTF maps.
Debugger and I were thinking about which CTF maps we would include as official maps. The maps have got some proper gameplay and most of them are already popular in public servers.
Now we are creating this poll to get community feedback, which maps YOU want to see in further releases.

Edit: Aurora, Catharsis and Vorix are almost done and XoylentCTF is just waiting to get merged into master.

You can vote as many maps as you like to.
After this we will start working on the top voted, respectively the easier ones that need not so much work.

We appreciate any help in polishing the maps! Tongue

Download URLs are included in the poll, screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/Eoygl

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - machine! - 07-15-2014

What a good initiative, would love Apace, skycastle and spiderctf to be offficial maps. Smile

I see you excluded catharis, is it already in-progress making it into the game? Wink

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - Mirio - 07-15-2014

(07-15-2014, 02:47 PM)machine! Wrote: I see you excluded catharis, is it already in-progress making it into the game? Wink

Yes, edited OP.

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - Halogene - 07-16-2014

From my personal gameplay experience I would priorize Bluez_vs_Redz, Equinox, SpiderCTF, Geoplanetary and Apace.

Bluez_vs_Redz offers a really good layout, which we definitively should convert into something that looks as good as it plays. I honestly would recommend to touch ONLY the visuals of that map.

Equinox has proven to offer quality public CTF gameplay, being fun for experienced and newer players all the same. If we can get rid of the ridiculous player clipping errors (like hitting invisible walls or dropping out of the map), this map is a true candidate for official imho.

SpiderCTF also has a quality layout that allows for some serious teamplay tactics. There sure can be done some tweaking still but the general layout is quite good.

Geoplanetary allowed for quite a bunch of serious fun public CTF matches in the past, and I grew to really like its openness yet not entirely nex dependency. A good map for rocket flying and therefore a true fun map!

Apace has proven to be tremendous fun on pickup games, though public CTF can be a bit tricky since this map actually REQUIRES teamplay which is not so easy to accomplish on public CTF games.

Apart from that I also like Skycastle for quick, small-team public CTF action. Hydroxon is a public CTF must-have and SpaceBase has such a simple layout that it hardly confuses anyone while allowing for some nice rocket speeding :o)

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - frostwyrm333 - 07-21-2014

Lots of good maps, but apace is probably the best candidate IMO.
I love that aurora is being worked on. Awesome thing.

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - Smilecythe - 08-08-2014

Bluez_vs_Redz* plays well competitively, good for team play. It's my favorite ctf map, it desperately needs some visual spicing up though.

Hydroxon* a very iconic and popular map, it just speaks of defaultness.

Implosion* quite popular map as well as it represents the general look of Xonotic quite well.

Neutron* looks and feels like an awesome space map, gives me some facing worlds vibes. How come it's so rarely (if at all) played on any server? I haven't got to play a single match on it, not even on any Instagib server. From a quick test, I could only say the jump pads that connect between the 'islands' needs a wider/taller player hit detection.

SpiderCTF* another quite competitive map. Plays very good on large CTF matches.

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - deoxys - 08-23-2014

Cortez asked for my input, so here's the list.

Completely ready for inclusion:
Go (Debugger's recent remake)

Need/deserve work:
Bluez Vs Redz - Plays well but looks horrible, complete retex & some editing of the weapon placement
Equinox - Plays well but looks ridiculous
Geoplanetary - bottom floor is too open, otherwise excellent -small thing

Hydroxon and Spacebase are both much too simplistic in their design for their size, like facingworlds. If you have that simple of a map, make it smaller, like skycastle.
I'd much rather encourage people to play better maps of similar size.

RE: Official CTF maps poll #2 - Smilecythe - 09-02-2014

Hydrophobia is another good map for pub games. Simple, easy to learn layout and decent looking.