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Track "OpulenZ Prime" - unfa - 08-29-2014

Hey, this is an experimenta track I made to learn a new synth (called OpulenZ, a twin operator FM synth in LMMS 1.0.0).

However I thought the track might suit the Xonotic gameplay.

What do you think?


RE: Track "OpulenZ Prime" - DauX - 08-30-2014

Can't say much about this. I like it!

RE: Track "OpulenZ Prime" - end user - 10-02-2014

Not too bad but a few things I don't like from it I'd prefer to hear deeper sounds on the keyboard sounds. The one that starts at 0:13, 0:37 There's another one at 0:50 which actually sounds alright but mostly because it reminds me of ealy 90's breakbat hardcore sounds, that one I think was made from a high pitched voice sound. I'd have to dig out some old skool tracks and find it I think its on this cd http://www.discogs.com/Various-A-History-Of-Hardcore-Part-1/release/70264 I have it just can't rememver where I put it.

RE: Track "OpulenZ Prime" - unfa - 10-04-2014

I guess by "deeper" you mean "containing more lower-mid frequencies?

RE: Track "OpulenZ Prime" - end user - 10-04-2014

(10-04-2014, 06:31 AM)unfa Wrote: I guess by "deeper" you mean "containing more lower-mid frequencies?


Yes lower frequency to match the rest of the track a little better BUT after listening to to a few times today maybe just leave it Tongue Good Track...

RE: Track "OpulenZ Prime" - end user - 10-05-2014

Ok been listening to it a bit more and put it into a new map I'm making and I think the little sound that starts a 49 that sounds like scratching should be more real sound or recond scratching.