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RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 11-18-2014

The mechanic in Reflex is that you get a jump boost (height) if you jump twice within 400 millisecond interval, this means that if you find ways to keep your feet on the ground after jumping once eg. stairs, ledges or exiting teleporter (jumping before you enter), you got some variety of ways to use this trick as result.

RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 11-18-2014

Hey, I learned some cpm22 tricks thanks. Smile

RE: Reflex thread - end user - 11-18-2014

(11-18-2014, 02:41 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: The mechanic in Reflex is that you get a jump boost (height) if you jump twice within 400 millisecond interval, this means that if you find ways to keep your feet on the ground after jumping once eg. stairs, ledges or exiting teleporter (jumping before you enter), you got some variety of ways to use this trick as result.
Well there's multi jump and wall jump maybe Mario can cook up some special Mario sauce and make wall jump more like air jump.

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 11-18-2014

No, no. I didn't mean jump twice as in air jump or walljump. The trick is to just to execute the jump action twice within 400ms interval.

These trick mechanics in Reflex are deliberate bugs. They are not as intuitive or obvious as wall/airjump would be and are difficult to learn, that's the appeal.

RE: Reflex thread - W4RP1G - 11-18-2014

Nice video! I'm tempted to go in an learn the tricks, but I'm worried that they'll tweak the game and I'll just have to relearn it all again.

(11-17-2014, 09:42 PM)spinda Wrote: also HOLY SHIT WARPIG IS ALIVE

lol that I am

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 03-23-2015

Playing some 2v2 tdm on a map that I made SmileSmile

RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 04-17-2015

Anyone know the state of Reflex? I'm interested in:

* Size of community (number of daily players, forum activity etc.)
* Engine performance
* Match making

RE: Reflex thread - Mirio - 04-17-2015


RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 04-23-2015

(04-17-2015, 08:36 AM)machine! Wrote: * Size of community (number of daily players, forum activity etc.)
According to steam charts, Reflex players top Toxikk by averages. It's not much, but it's enough if you just look for games long enough at the right time. There's some kind of cup going on all the time and new maps pop out weekly if not daily, where's your stormkeep remake that you promised btw? Big Grin Forums definitely more active than Xonotic.

(04-17-2015, 08:36 AM)machine! Wrote: * Engine performance
Significantly better than before, netcode for one exists now. Runs better on my potato than any UE3/4 powered game. Not quite as well as Xonotic or CPM yet though.

(04-17-2015, 08:36 AM)machine! Wrote: * Match making
Match making is overrated. Welcome to Quakenet #reflex, #reflexpickup.eu or #rainbowcutters Smile

You could of as easily found these out by yourself, I remember you owned Reflex and had an account in the forums.

RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 04-23-2015

Thanks for the insider information! Yes, I do own Reflex but I had to remove Windows, since it, eh, messed with my rig. I did work on a sk remake but the scale was not very accurate so I never released it on the forums.

Reflex is certainly I game I look forward to since I love air control and it feels like a good balance between new and old, but I'll wait till it has Linux support.

RE: Reflex thread - kojn^ - 04-24-2015

To be fair, Reflex has mostly quake/cpma 'pro' players playing it. I'd like to see how many 'new' players are actually playing it.

If toxikk dev's sort out the weapon's and a few other small issues out, I'm sure a lot of players will try playing it once 1.0 releases, I know a lot of player's will not play it until it is near it's official 1.0 release, or until that comes out. They also have big plan's for it's 1.0 launch and there not going to rush it, I expext 1.0 to come out around anywhere between July-October time, I don't think they'll be near until sometime in July.

I do think (as well as a lot of others on the forum), that they should not have released it open-beta, definitely hurt the game a bit with lack of content to begin with (one map on EA launch). Saying that, early access is early access.

Lack of content hurt's it at the moment the most, but the SDK will be released very soon and give mod/map-makers etc the proper tools they need.

The dev's have also just released a very basic sort of match-making and are developing a whole match-making system, we'll see how well they get on nearer to 1.0. To be fair, they have added everything the posters on the forum have requested near enough, no Samual dev's to be found yet Big Grin

Machine, I would wait nearer to major build's for Reflex anyway, since it's in Early Access it's not going to have a big player count anyway, enough though by the sounds of thing's to get matches.

RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 04-25-2015

I don't really mind which of the new arena shooters get the biggest player base, I'm more concerned one of them will. I really would like to experience the convenience of Dota2 or CS:GO matchmaking in a true FPS. Personally I'm biased towards Reflex, since I really dig air control and think the movement felt really smooth. But if Toxikk would become the next big thing™ I would probably play that. Smile

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 05-06-2015


RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 05-06-2015

I see what you did there. Tongue The movement system seems to be very "expressive" (using programming terms).

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 05-06-2015

Those who don't understand how the trickery works:

-In Reflex, by making two jumps in quick succession (within 400ms/0.4sec), you get a height boost on the second jump. Think like ramp jumps, except the intuitive physics isn't as strict as it'd be Xonotic.
-In Reflex it's impossible to double jump on a flat ground because jumping and landing back on your feet to perform the second jump takes longer than 400ms.


1. Guy one steps up to on top of the guy two and uses him as a ledge.
2. Guy two headbumps below the guy one without the delay of legs leaving the ground.
3. Both receive height boost for their second jump.

RE: Reflex thread - frostwyrm333 - 07-19-2015

Reflex is on sale.
Is there an active development/community?
Is it worth it?

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 07-19-2015

(07-19-2015, 06:44 AM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: Is it worth it?
If you're looking for a compact game, then no. Reflex is in many ways still unfinished, however the core gameplay is quite solid. If you're a creative person, eg. maps/scripts, it's pretty convenient client and community for that even if it's still lacking a little bit of assets to play with. The range of freedom for scripting basically allows you to make your own game modes almost, but it's mostly useful for making new HUD panels or styles.

(07-19-2015, 06:44 AM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: Is there an active development/community?
#reflex on Quakenet.

I'd say it's quite active for an early access game, it seems like there's already more community made maps than Nexuiz and Xonotic has. Competition is hard and varied also, I just got my ass nuked in a tournament yesterday, which sadly doesn't happen a lot in Xonotic anymore.

RE: Reflex thread - Smilecythe - 07-25-2015

Kovaak made some really nice tutorials for movement, item control and stuff: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxP7tvMqaXzBGG8VV4LqaUddV1WrErMXS

RE: Reflex thread - SPLAT - 07-25-2015

Kovaaks videos were great. I really recommend them for anyone who has reflex or is interested in general.

RE: Reflex thread - machine! - 07-26-2015

Those videos are useful for Xonotic aswell btw.

Some things that cought my eye which is how he talks about when NOT to dodge, this ofc mostly apply for Nex in Xonotic. And that fast may not equal to an safe escape. Many of these things I guess most do without thinking about it, but thinking about it allow one to go one step further and try predicting when enemies use such techniques and see if maybe sometimes one should not use them because enemies assume one use such tricks etc.

RE: Reflex thread - SPLAT - 08-01-2015

Just played some CPMA for the first time in a while. After playing Reflex a lot lately I can say it does a pretty good job of replicating CPM. However, I feel like the gameplay over all in CPM is more enjoyable. The movement is a bit different... its a little harder to get speed for jumps but overall very similar. Rocket jumps give more height (they dont give shit for height in Reflex and changing it now could mess up balance on some maps), the LG does more damage but its harder to hit. Weapon switch times feel faster as well. Also, I hate the burst gun. Just bring back the MG!

It was very nostalgic and I was surprised to even find one NA player who was actually a decent match for me. I won every match except for dismemberment because I never really played it before. Smile