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a better way to submit music for Xonotic? - BuddyFriendGuy - 06-19-2015

This is a continuation from the discussion in this post.

(06-18-2015, 03:02 AM)Mirio Wrote: There are various reasons that not many tracks got accepted, for example there was/is just a huge thread and it's a pain to go through and find all the files (sometimes you don't know if it's supposed to be for Xonotic etc.). I did that once, never again. Tongue And another reasons is probably that we did not have enough maps! Right know the game has 20 soundtracks and 25 maps since 0.8, so it would be good to have new ones I guess.

I think it's very unfair that the core team or anybody has to go through those messy threads, just to distinguish serious submissions from merely music exchange. We definitely need a better system. And the community should definitely help out!

Here are some ideas:
  • Use a wiki page to organize submissions, making it easier for the core team (or the panel of judges) to look through candidates. On this wiki page, submissions are categorized, e.g. music for menu, music for maps (which maps), music for title, etc. Perhaps we can take turns each month compiling such a page.
  • Enforce "one submission, one thread" principle, and ask the submitters to always update the first post to link to the latest version of the work. The thread can be used for feedback and discussion, but everything the judge needs to know has to be in the first post. Also, they need to properly use post prefixes, such as [sub for Xoylent], [sub for title], etc.
  • I think music can change over time. A winning track that got packaged into 0.9 may be replaced by a new winner next time. So the winning tracks have their positions in history, but Xonotic keeps growing, and every release has something fresh. Considering the relatively small size of the music files, we can perhaps leave past selected tracks in the now-available Media->Music menu.

These are just some ideas. Can somebody help lead/continue this discussion? I'm spreading myself too thin at this moment.

We all enjoy Xonotic. Please help make the core team's life easier, who can then in turn make our life more fun!