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Bromine - It'sMe - 08-07-2015


For some time already I have made this map available for playing, but never made a forum post. Until now Smile

It is a nice TDM map with a deadly environment and some plants Tongue.

Link: Download

The map uses a rusty brown colour scheme fitting the chemical element bromine.
There are two steam exhaust, which can kill you... So be aware!
Strength and Shield room are directly connected with a warpzone. And the map features a very intense gameplay.

Some Info:
Spawnpoints (11)
Shield (1)
Strength (1)
100 Armor (1)
50 Armor (2)
100 Health (1)
50 Health (2)

[Image: bromine_0.jpg]
[Image: bromine_1.jpg]
[Image: bromine_2.jpg]
[Image: bromine_3.jpg]

RE: Bromine - SpiKe - 08-07-2015

One of the best and most popular TDM map in pickup games!

Good job =)

RE: Bromine - SPLAT - 08-07-2015

This map is amazing. I hope you make more great maps in the future Smile

RE: Bromine - machine! - 08-07-2015

Not here to say how good this map is, because that's obvious, just wanted to say really great job with the overall feel of the environment. It truly stands out. Smile

RE: Bromine - It'sMe - 03-21-2016

Did some small updates.

* Fixed sound paths
* Clipped some pipes

RE: Bromine - SPLAT - 03-22-2016

Make more maps captain

RE: Bromine - dekrY - 03-22-2016

(03-22-2016, 05:37 AM)SPLAT Wrote: Make more maps captain

Yes! +1

RE: Bromine - -z- - 03-25-2016

(03-22-2016, 05:46 AM)dekrY Wrote:
(03-22-2016, 05:37 AM)SPLAT Wrote: Make more maps captain

Yes! +1

Yes, please! Also chiming in to say I like the environment you created in bromine, very nice map.

RE: Bromine - Beagle - 03-25-2016

+1 Make more maps you amazing mapper Smile

RE: Bromine - It'sMe - 08-25-2018

Updated the map...
* VIS optimisations
* added terencehill's waypoints

RE: Bromine - Justin - 08-27-2018

Best map. Incredible work.   Fun to jump around, fun to play and it even has a secret passage.... 10/10!
I completely agree with SPLAT. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing next one!

RE: Bromine - martin-t - 08-27-2018

Bromine is an awesome map, always a nice change from tiny overcrowded duel maps. Makes me wonder why it doesn't ship with xon by default. Has is ever been considered?

Also, what secret passage? The only thing that occurs to me is from MA to quad but that's not very secret. Is there something else?

RE: Bromine - Halogene - 08-28-2018

Bromine is so good it feels like a part of me.

RE: Bromine - It'sMe - 02-02-2019

Some fixes and hopefully performance improvements were done...
Updated the download link.