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Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - noChance79 - 10-08-2015

Well, basically thats it ...
After downloading and unpacking the 0.8.1-Zip-file, doubleclicking the xonotic.exe opens up a little Window stating that this software can't be run on the system - no more piece of information from M$ so far Angry.

Trying to launch xonotic_x86.exe instead lead to an mem_aloc error.

Any idea, what could be done about that except wiping Windows and installing a real OPERATINGsystem?

EDIT: The portable Version from portableapps runs just fine ...

OK, i got 0.8.1 running by using the rsync-updater of the portable Version. So i guess this Problem is solved in terms of playability for me. But maybe someone else could doublecheck, if the Problem with the official Zip is reproducable under Win10?

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - cyborgamer - 10-08-2015

Inside your Xonotic folder, go into the misc/tools/rsync-updater folder and run the update-to-release.bat file. if this does not fix your issues, run the update-to-autobuild.bat
If you can, please report back results.

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - noChance79 - 10-09-2015

Nothing changed :-(
During the rsync i read several cygwin-errors about missing permissions for certain directories. Sadly i can't paste them here because cmd.exe won't let me scroll up again, and during the installation i wasn't fast enough :-(

Recursively changing the Permissions of the Xonotic-folder didn't change anything, too.

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - nir_hp - 10-06-2016

Still unable to start on windows 10.
+ I did ran the sync-update and it did not help.

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - Semro - 09-07-2019

Same problem

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - FAF - 12-04-2022

(09-07-2019, 05:20 PM)Semro Wrote: Same problem

For others with this problem:

You need cygiconv-2.dll in the xonotic sync folder.

Find it on the internet. I got this one: cygiconv-2.dll

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - greenjello41 - 02-24-2023

For the paranoid,  cygiconv-2.dll

RE: Xonotic won't launch on Win10 - Cofein - 06-23-2023

I have the same problem here. The error looks like this:

Quote:Quake Error

session lock C:\Users\/xonotic/lock could not be acquired. Please run with -sessionid and an unique session name.

I downloaded newest 0.8.6 package, replaced cygiconv-2.dll and ran update-to-release.bat. Error stays no matter what.