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A frag video with a twist - srkdy - 10-09-2015

It had been a while since I had made a xonotic video of any kind(1.5 years!) and I have been thinking of new ideas for videos for a while. I've done basic frag clips, basic frag videos, frag videos where the focus is surviving combat at low HP, rocket guiding things, etc. I wanted to do something a little different but I wasn't sure what. I thought of doing a frag video in third person or trying to emulate a sports broadcast with third person cameras, commentary, and instand replays over the course of a full duel... but that's hard and I'm lazy.

Then, about a month ago while I was playing Trackmania on a server with custom music, a song came on that gave me inspiration for a different kind of video. Hearing this song got the creative juices flowing and gave me the idea of a frag video from the victim's perspective. I didn't want to use old clips so I started playing a lot with thimo and antibody (and a few others, like splat who killed me a lot but was too damn routine and professional about it to have many 'special' clips... only map lockdowns and easy wins for him). While I was parsing through the last 3+ weeks worth of demos, I had enough clips of my own to do a normal "act 1" with my frags followed up by an "act 2" from the other side of the rockets.

This video could have used a bit more time for editing and polish(it just cuts to black when the outro happens, bad placeholder text between acts 1 & 2, etc) but I hit the "public" button on youtube with this cut, so here we are!

RE: A frag video with a twist - Mirio - 10-10-2015

Good stuff! Keep it coming.. Wink

RE: A frag video with a twist - thimo - 10-10-2015

thimo got so raped...! Big Grin

Very nice srkdy, your gamestyle surely is good for eye and makes a lot of movie frags and moments. Also your this movie idea reminds me of a finnish UT movie made by clan [w]hiners, where they included a humour-part with their silliest mistakes and so, it kinda became their trademark and everyone waited for that part the most! Big Grin

Hope you have time to put up more movies =))

All the best for you, may canada lose to finland since today!

RE: A frag video with a twist - KoalaBearScarf - 10-10-2015

Great video! I really liked the idea of showing it from the perspective of the victim

RE: A frag video with a twist - Halogene - 10-10-2015

Excellent choice of music. I really like how the clarinet in the first song emphasizes the non-serious, light and fun aspect of the game. Timing of the clips to the text of the second song is also very good. To me, both songs generate a really good atmosphere for the vid.

It's rare for me that I can identify with protagonists of a fragmovie, but the second part really connected. GOOD JOB!

RE: A frag video with a twist - SPLAT - 10-10-2015

nice vid Smile

RE: A frag video with a twist - Smilecythe - 10-12-2015

Thimo gets fragged so much, unfair! I want some too!

RE: A frag video with a twist - thimo - 10-12-2015

I'am good at dying! Something i can be proud of man! Do not breach to my area of expertise, sire =)