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Enable Jump Sounds - Beagle - 06-19-2016

There should be an option for g_jump_grunt for client side, but you can only hear your jump grunts but not other players. Do it for the Quake Players.

RE: Enable Jump Sounds - Smilecythe - 06-19-2016

  • If it were a client side setting, you could never be sure at which point does your jumping give away your position to your opponent.
  • Not having grunt sounds has the effect of rewarding fast moving players as it generates less noise in less places than just simply walking, this contributes to making this game as fast paced as it is.
  • Stair gliding sounds horrible with grunt sounds and it would also render it noisy and a not-sneaky move.

RE: Enable Jump Sounds - SPLAT - 06-20-2016

I came to tell you theres like 3 threads on this already.