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[WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-07-2016

map for contest The Water Park Mapping Contest, but im late))

fast compilation

All teleports look like a water funnel, there are only 2 teleport (one in the center of arena and one in room with column). Teleport in the center of arena have 3 random point of destinations.

download: http://gamebanana.com/maps/192169

[Image: 530-90_57cf5dec5df00.jpg]

[Image: 100-90_57cf5ded39864.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57cf5dee15482.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57cf5dfac210f.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57cf5dfb13680.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57cf5dfea6abe.jpg]

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Antares* - 09-07-2016

Cool map, but I get a bunch of checkerboard textures on it. The files are present however the map is looking for them somewhere they aren't.

File size (~40 MB) is quite the large map.
I'm not confident the random warp locations will be received well.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Mario - 09-08-2016

It is marked as WIP after all... suppose I could fix up a working copy for servers soon.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Antares* - 09-08-2016

Or you could be working on Xonotic 0.8.2. Cool
Not like it's a years old abandoned map.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-08-2016

all new textures have to be in the archive, i'm made some new textures from standard

large file size caused some new textures with the TGA format in high resolution

oh! and im forgot to archive in PK3

made for contest The Water Park Mapping Contest

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Antares* - 09-08-2016

The textures are there.

One of the errors was:
maps/aquanica.bsp: could not load texture "textures/facility114x/trim-trim04"
What is actually there is:
"textures/facility114x/trim/" with "trim04.jpg"

Majority of the file size I notice is from "jungle" in your archive. I assume that's the flora around the map, it's a minor decoration, and with some problems.



Autohopping up these stairs gives a shakey view as opposed to a usual "stair slide".

The other player in the screencap notes there's a very small and thinly spread amount of pickups for the map.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-08-2016

looks like i'm forgot to place shader file Big Grin

will do it tomorrow

jungle model is actually not occupy much space, texture for these models occupy a lot of space (high quality texture in 1024х1024 resolution, each model has a minimum of 4 textures, diffuse/normal/gloss/alpha)

Quote:very small and thinly spread amount of pickups for the map
do you mean that it is not a lot of weapons and ammunition?

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Antares* - 09-08-2016

By "jungle" I meant the folder in the archive (aquanica/textures/jungle/).

The player was talking about health and armor (the context being 2 player DM). Besides the sparse health/armor, he's mentioned that one room is extremely important to hold compared to others. Might be able to get some more feedback regarding the map "balance" from others. The larger file size makes it an unpopular vote currently.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-09-2016

This is missed shader files


RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-11-2016

take 3rd place Big Grin http://gamebanana.com/news/21272

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - poVoq - 09-11-2016

Congrats! And a nice way to showcase Xonotic to other communities as well.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Beagle - 09-11-2016

Congratulations! Now with that $50, you can buy 20 packs of Chip Ahoy Cookies Smile

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Smilecythe - 09-12-2016

Loving the looks, but not the optimization for gameplay.

- No strength or shield powerup? I think this place could use a strength, it looks pretty empty/redundant otherwise.
- There's a lot of redundant ledges and things hanging near the ceiling level where you can blaster jump up to and hide. It's as if this map doesn't know that you can blaster jump in Xonotic.
- Lots of tight areas that you can crawl under and hide as well You should avoid redundant accessibility like this for example.
- No mortar in a vertically open map like this? Sad My inner airshot enthusiast is sad.
- No mega health? This means you will barely if never stay above 100 health on the competitive mode. If there actually was a mega health, I could not find it.
- I saw a button that says "do not press". Does pressing it actually do something? I could not figure it out in case it does.

Xonotic is not just a running and gunning simulator. It's a game with a feel and character of it's own. As this map is now, I don't think it reflects Xonotic gameplay very well. I can't think of any spot where a specific weapon is more useful than in another place, everything is just kinda open for improvisation and you can find that kind of gameplay in an open cube shaped map as well.

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-12-2016

Congratulations, Z(Rus)!

I'd like to host this map.

May I suggest you decide on a version number to the file name with the complete contents, say, aquanica_v1.pk3, before everyone else names it differently?

This way, if you improve the map with Smilecythe's and others' feedback, you can change the version number to avoid confusion, too!

Again, great job! And thank you for making it for Xonotic!

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 09-13-2016

thanks for feedback, this is just beta version for visualization, all items are placed approximately

if I open ceiling, then I will have to do the roof for water park, and the roof will look flat, or pile up a few floors. ie if I open ceiling, then map will be similar to the space map. is possible do something like fencing mesh
[Image: ~iaKREcN4.png]

RE: [WIP] Aquanica - Z(Rus) - 12-22-2020

- replace weapons, armor and health
- red button works
- fix cliped some details