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Black Skybox (Xonotic's Original Skybox) - Antares* - 11-25-2016

I have this in NetRadiant.


But I get this in-game


meanwhile it's not a settings thing and I can see skyboxes ok for other maps


The guide I was following wasn't covering skyboxes.
And I found this
which is why the exosystem skybox is slapped on a brush. Exosystem is a skybox from Xonotic so I don't think its the same issue with the black skyboxes on ported Quake 3 maps.


need help (l: Net Radiant h: 1 a: 0 w: keyboard & mouse)

RE: Black Skybox (Xonotic's Original Skybox) - Mario - 11-26-2016

Well, the skybox problem is the fact we don't use a "sky" parameter in worldspawn (or at least, it's set to a value that doesn't work).

I also have a few small pointers for the map's design:
- The skybox should only be as big as necessary, DarkPlaces is terrible at large open spaces, and a lot of calculations go into the partitioning of all that empty space above and under the map.
- Triggers should use the common/trigger texture (unsure if this affected it, only tested after a few tweaks), common/clip is used for blocking unreachable areas or smoothing dips in the geometry, not sure if we have any real uses for full_clip.
- There's a button in the NetRadiant GUI, around 8 buttons away from the Save button, you can use this while selecting the player spawnpoint to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. This one's only a small note, but it may help later on someday.
- The hurt trigger should cover the entire bottom area to prevent players from managing to jump out of the playing area. You can do this easily by copying the bottom brush of the skybox and extending the copy.
- We generally prefer lower case in map names, as some operating systems are a bit finicky with their casings, and can refuse to download the correct file from a map host.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the world of mapping! Look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

P.S. The above suggestions are in this modified copy if you need a reference: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18995126/svelu.map