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New Xonotic Pickup Era! - Ch4mp - 03-07-2017

Hi! Big Grin

as Xonotic 0.8.2 is close to be released, I'd like to make Xonotic pickups (TDM, CTF, CA) much more popular than it is now.
I know there's already "fairly" nice pickup scene on IRC but we should spread the game more.

How to do it?
I decided to stream Xonotic pickups... we know it's a lot of fun and games like that are very popular - Overwatch, MOBA's.., but problem is that not many people know about Xonotic...
So my perspective is to become a good marketing member of this game Big Grin
I created recently also a website - ch4mp.com which will be used as a good advertisement and source for new players. 
I've already brought many new players when I streamed duels and will bring much more to this fun!

Where and How to Play?
Hub servers are becoming very stable.. I've heard from Mario Smile or I can create another server for pickups only. 

Join Discord - discord.ch4mp.com - there are like 20 people, so join and we'll see how fast it goes...
I have also to install a bot for pickups.

A little help
If there's a graphics designer who could create a nice banner for Xonotic Pickups on my website ch4mp.com, instead of the KILLUMINATI clan Smile that would be very helpful!

RE: New Xonotic Pickup Era! - Pendulla - 03-07-2017

Too many referal links...

RE: New Xonotic Pickup Era! - Antibody - 03-07-2017

More marketing is a good thing! I'd say go for it full speed ahead. Get the word out! If you have a long-form thing you'd like to share, please talk with me and I can have it published on the blog, mentioned on Twitter, or favorite-ed on our official YT channel.

RE: New Xonotic Pickup Era! - end user - 03-10-2017

(03-07-2017, 09:12 AM)Ch4mp Wrote: but problem is that not many people know about Xonotic...

You should know Xonotic is/was popular just people moved on, ESK and for a while SMB were getting 15-30+ players on all the time when Rumraisin was on.  My servers were getting up to 20+ on them. Hell both vehicle server Mon and Mine were having 10+ players on each one at times. EAC were really popular for a while but people move on.

RE: New Xonotic Pickup Era! - Ch4mp - 03-10-2017

We'll see.. I tried to promote in FPS Arena on Discord, but not many people are interested when they saw the gameplay....

one friend I showed this game to said: oh, I know this game, it's that bad version of Quake... heh.

I will continue with my plan and sooner or later I'll make Xonotic great again Smile

RE: New Xonotic Pickup Era! - Mirio - 03-11-2017

I've seen this video somewhere Rolleyes