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lsmaps command - -maniac|Su- - 03-28-2017

hi folks;
I.ve noticed lsmaps command in console dosn.t show all maps in new autobuild 0.8.2 version.
Here a screenshot:

[Image: lsmaps10.jpg]

Question - how to fix this and show again all maps??

GreetZ Su

RE: lsmaps command - Mario - 03-28-2017

Better to show a shortened list than no list at all.

RE: lsmaps command - cefiar - 03-29-2017

Any chance that lsmaps could take a regex-like parameter to reduce the list returned, just like the unix `ls` command does?
Such as:
  • lsmaps [a-z]*
  • lsmaps [0-9A-Z]*
  • lsmaps g*
  • lsmaps dan*
  • lsmaps fsdm?
That way you could at least see them all by running multiple commands, and help if you know part but not all the map name (eg: you only remember that the map started with house, so you can `lsmaps house*` and look for it).


RE: lsmaps command - Mario - 03-29-2017

Currently not possible, however I did add a command to my mod which allows something similar, without the regex:
"findmap g" would list all maps starting with g, or "findmap any g" would list any maps with the letter g in their name.

It may be possible to extend lsmaps in the future, but that will have to be done post-release.

RE: lsmaps command - cefiar - 03-29-2017

Of course Re: Post-release. It's not that big an issue to delay a release for.