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stats? - billyjoe - 04-13-2017

Hello again
is there any way to have on my web the stats from my server?
thanks and regards

RE: stats? - -z- - 04-13-2017

There are a number of ways to do this.

The easiest way is to participate in http://stats.xonotic.org there is a (limited) API available, basically for that look in this file for JSON[P]  endpoints https://github.com/antzucaro/XonStat/blob/master/xonstat/__init__.py

Live stats can also be gathered from qstat (https://github.com/multiplay/qstat), or from the master server http://dpmaster.deathmask.net/?game=xonotic

You can cache these client-side (a client to qstat or the master server).

Here's an example of live stats as a webpage https://z.github.io/xonotic-server-info-page/