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Additional nuances to Crouch-jumping? - Smilecythe - 11-19-2017

It's been a feature for as long as I can remember, as it is now and has always been; you can bunnyhop while holding the crouch, but it has virtually no difference to regular jumping besides your hitbox being smaller (and quieter jump sound apparently). The advantage is not that big, but it's also not very challenging to hold crouch while also holding jump, which makes it a very compelling technique to abuse.

So what if your jump height (sv_jumpvelocity) was reduced if you jump while holding crouch? This would result in your character generating jump sounds more frequently (which makes audio-locating you easier) and perhaps encourage people to crouch-jump more sparingly. It could also be used creatively to pace your jump routes, getting through platforms that you might normally overshoot for example.

RE: Additional nuances to Crouch-jumping? - Mario - 11-20-2017

Could be worth a try, added the option (sv_jumpvelocity_crouch, off by default) in latest Git.

RE: Additional nuances to Crouch-jumping? - Smilecythe - 11-20-2017

I tested sv_jumpvelocity 180 to get a rough idea to a good value, I had overlooked the fact that the landing  can be too soft to generate a sound effect. Is there some separate cvar that can determine the trigger for landing sound?


Turns out any value below 197 jump velocity will not generate a landing sound. So we could go with 197 as well, in fact it feels better.