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Weapons always sway - Kriss7475 - 01-16-2018

My weapons always sway, no matter what settings I use. I have disabled swaying and bobbing through the menu, set all variables with bob in the name to 0, but my weapons still sway.
Is this just a version bug? My version is 0.8.2-874-g2e98bf2~ (latest autobuild).

RE: Weapons always sway - Antibody - 01-16-2018

In the video provided your weapons are not bobbing or swaying. It seems like you're referring to something else.

RE: Weapons always sway - Kriss7475 - 01-16-2018

Moving left/right. Look at the Hunter Rifle about 1:00

RE: Weapons always sway - Antibody - 01-16-2018

Are you referring to the crosshair when you are in a vehicle? That's not the weapon model at all, and thus is not applicable to those two checkboxes. If you focus on the blaster model in your video you can see that it remains nearly static on your screen as you move about. It only changes when you actually fire it, and that's the fire animation itself (simulating  kickback/recoil).

RE: Weapons always sway - Mirio - 01-16-2018

You're playing on a heavily modded server and this "Hunter Rifle" is not in the game.
Can't tell if the other weapons are moving due to constant movement - just stand still.

cl_followmodel 0
cl_leanmodel 0
cl_bobmodel 0

RE: Weapons always sway - Kriss7475 - 01-16-2018

They still move. Also Blaster is not centered.

RE: Weapons always sway - Halogene - 01-16-2018

Kriss7475 means the slow tilting movement of the weapon left and right. I see this too in my local game. I usually play with r_drawviewmodel 0, so I don't mind, but I wonder if there is a cvar for turning this behavior off? I also checked via console and "apropos" command and found stuff about leaning and swaying but all that is already set to 0 and it still leans and sways.

RE: Weapons always sway - martin-t - 01-18-2018

I don't think there is a cvar to turn it off, the animation is probably part of the model.

RE: Weapons always sway - Kriss7475 - 01-19-2018

Quote:r_drawviewmodel 0

Finally something useful Big Grin