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Patreon/Librepay account - Kim Jong-Ben - 03-30-2018

Hey guys, first of all, great game I really enjoy it and it's awesome that it's coming from a free software community.
I wanted to throw some money at you guys to help development efforts but I didn't see any way to donate to the project. Have you guys considered taking donations as a project or having individual developers take donations? I've donated to other projects with Patreon, Liberapay and paypal.

I did see an old post about this from 2013, but any updated thoughts?


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RE: Patreon/Librepay account - Antares* - 04-01-2018

I brought up something similar before.
I think the unofficial outlet for donations are individual contests (as prize money), as opposed to official donation pool + whoever manages the money.

For instance, I think Xonotic is due for some mapping contests on under utilized game modes.

RE: Patreon/Librepay account - Antibody - 04-01-2018

Yep, Antares is correct. We don't currently support donations, but do allow contributions towards mapping contests or tournaments. We are overdue for a mapping contest indeed!

RE: Patreon/Librepay account - Kim Jong-Ben - 04-04-2018

Cool I'll have to keep my eyes open for a map contest then.