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[SUGGESTION] Patreon/Librepay account

Hey guys, first of all, great game I really enjoy it and it's awesome that it's coming from a free software community.
I wanted to throw some money at you guys to help development efforts but I didn't see any way to donate to the project. Have you guys considered taking donations as a project or having individual developers take donations? I've donated to other projects with Patreon, Liberapay and paypal.

I did see an old post about this from 2013, but any updated thoughts?

[Image: 79af6b3bc5b23131ace1d835c402fa444ebd7cfc...e74d7e.jpg]

I brought up something similar before.
I think the unofficial outlet for donations are individual contests (as prize money), as opposed to official donation pool + whoever manages the money.

For instance, I think Xonotic is due for some mapping contests on under utilized game modes.

Yep, Antares is correct. We don't currently support donations, but do allow contributions towards mapping contests or tournaments. We are overdue for a mapping contest indeed!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Cool I'll have to keep my eyes open for a map contest then.

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