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Game Crash On Load - Castor - 05-31-2018

Hi. Sorry if this is a repeat question. 

I've recently started delving into 3D modelling for games. Simple stuff, nothing complex and certainly no excessive poly-counts. I've recently somewhat completed a sort-of simplistic model that I wanted to try getting into Xonotic. I took a long, hard look at the existing models and a couple of models acquired from various mod's that I've picked up from servers. I've done a lot of spying as well through the main Xonotic data archive to gauge what folders should appear where so the game knows what I'm talking about when I select a new character in it.

I've textured my character (pretty sure of it - it certainly shows in Blender as textured, anyway) - again, nothing complex or too large (1024x1024px). The mod' when exported as an IQM hits about 600KB when archived. I double-checked that the list of animations were added just before the export. I used the animations from the ignis-all.blend by just erasing the original model and adding in my one to weightpaint and such...

I've set the folder structure up properly as far as I can tell. I've copied and appropriately-renamed all a set of files concerning the models that I was using for a different character, the model for which is just a copy/paste and renamed Erebus.iqm, as a placeholder. Basically, this new model appears in-game as a separate character, but it should otherwise use the same sound assets.

It does indeed appear in-game as a selectable character, but when I attempt to load up a map to check out how good or bad the actual model when generated is, the game crashes to desktop. No errors, no forewarning. As soon as the loading bar gets to the last file before loading my character, it pauses for a few seconds and then crashes.

I don't suppose anyone knows offhand what would be causing this? Before I knew anything about texturing, I added a Halo Spartan model in-game as  a separate character. It loaded, but was totally invisible (although the rig seemed to be there, as the weapons looked animated as per usual), hence me going away again to stare at a few videos about texturing.