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Modelling props - how to start? - TheSmasher1992 - 06-17-2018

Completely new in the world of video game mapping, modding and contributing in general and a bit intimidated by how good everyone seems to be here! I am working on the first map I am planning to maybe release (if it passes the beta stage proving to be fun) and I've gone just beyond the basic layout part into simple cosmetics - I've realized that some areas are very empty! Therefore I want to fill them up with some props. I've used some crates which are easy but here we go for the harder ones: And the question is: How do I start? Big Grin I've searched a bit for tutorials but couldn't find any - can someone pinpoint me to some? In my case I want to make some vases (the map is not sci-fi, I am thinking of retexturing it later but if it stays as it is thematically, vases seem like an easy and good choice). So how does one make a vase or other simple props in NetRadiant?

RE: Modelling props - how to start? - Garux - 06-17-2018

Radiant isn't exactly a modelling application, but vases are doable from patch cylinders:

.zip   zzvase.zip (Size: 1.94 KB / Downloads: 1)

RE: Modelling props - how to start? - Mario - 06-17-2018

It's generally preferable to make props in a proper modelling tool (such as Blender) and export them to .obj or .ase, which can be imported via misc_gamemodel or misc_clientmodel entities. This way they can also have LOD, and they aren't compiled into the map geometry (better for both .bsp size and performance).

RE: Modelling props - how to start? - Garux - 06-18-2018

@Mario do misc_gamemodel / misc_clientmodel cast/receive shadows/light?

RE: Modelling props - how to start? - Julius - 09-17-2018

(06-18-2018, 03:06 PM)Garux Wrote: @Mario do misc_gamemodel / misc_clientmodel cast/receive shadows/light?

According to my tests, misc_gamemodel and misc_clientmodel does not RECEIVE shadows, as they do not use lightmaps.

This makes these entities useless for geometry.

P.D: They cast shadows to the geometry that surrounds them.

P.D.2: Model formats supported: ASE (no), OBJ (yes), MD3 (yes).