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Custom sounds - Tommy - 08-09-2018

Custom sounds for xonotic with my beautiful (nope) voice.
Unzip  the "sound" folder into your xonotic/data folder
Link here --->   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibowhkr6cg3fae7/sound.zip?dl=0     

Sounds changed:
Weapon firing sounds
Item pickup sounds
Jumping sounds

RE: Custom sounds - dekrY - 08-11-2018

Very chill and soothing, thanks Tommy! I will use that when I play xdf Big Grin

RE: Custom sounds - morosophos - 03-12-2019

nice. would be cool if the set was 100% complete Smile

RE: Custom sounds - Tommy - 09-11-2019

What do you think is missing there? Big Grin

RE: Custom sounds - Antibody - 09-13-2019

That's awesome Tommy. I might have to whip up a video with these...