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[WIP-b4] KOLOSSUS - _para - 08-10-2018

Download: kolossus_b4.pk3
Download: BETA 4a

This map is designed to have somewhat industrial looking bases with server rooms being 4-way connected to a central arena with a sculpture that boosts you in any direction (ramp or slide).
Under the sculpture is a warpzone that ports you into the sky above itself so you can utilize the sculpture even better. (For some reason the warpzone turns you by 180Ā°)

It has dedicated spawnrooms and no respawntimer.

Thanks to anyone who already gave feedback via discord making this map much better. More feedback is always apprechiated. Smile (How's the gameplay and the item placement?)

Red hallway BETA 4a:
[Image: ukbPxTd.jpg]
Red hallway:
[Image: wEO1LzA.jpg]
Blue Base:
[Image: Z6JK5mD.jpg]
[Image: NBQK1gN.jpg]

More screenshots(b4): https://imgur.com/a/ZXrn3xS

[Image: PeBK6ya.png]
Download: kolossus_b3.pk3
More screenshots(b3): https://imgur.com/a/FfH3f8e

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - _para - 08-11-2018

Ok now beta-2 with proper lighting, new item placement and custom rifle balance:

Damage: 80 -> 35
Refire: 1.2 -> 0.8
Force: 100 -> 20
Reload: 2s -> 1.6s
Clipsize: 80->64
Ammo/shot: 10->8
Secondary is now zoom.

Now it has slightly lower dps than vortex, by dealing less damage but shooting faster to compensate for the penetration and giving a different alternative to the vap. This should provide a counter to the vortex that shoots through walls whereas vap doesn't.
With these settings the rifle does 35 dmg/s in a reload cycle while doing 43.75 dmg/s without reloading.

My goal was to give the rifle a real purpose and a different feel than just being a better looking vortex that uses bullets.

Download: kolossus_b3.pk3
Download: kolossus_b2.pk3

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-18-2018

I quite like it. Running around it is fun!
I host it on my server. Thanks for making the map.

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - _para - 08-18-2018

Thanks for hosting and the feedback. :3
If you get more feedback please let me know.

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-19-2018

Would you consider making it DM playable as well? I know it's designed for TDM/CTF but DM allows people to explore it with ease.

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - Mario - 08-19-2018

Generally, it's a good idea not to make CTF maps compatible with DM, as their duplicated design is very redundant and oversizedĀ outside of teamplay modes (especially when the team colors are so prominent).

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - _para - 08-20-2018

Well it's really designed for teamplay hence the spawn-rooms. Imagine DM players batteling in the spawnrooms without even leaving. To counter this I'd have to find spawns within the map but the weapons are positioned with teamplay in mind and as Mario said it would feel redundant while I'd see the prominent team color even as helpful in terms of making it less redundant.

Also it's designed to get you to higher speeds than usual and having paths that allow you to maintain it. But I fear in DM it would lose it's flow when people are fighting in the long hallways or the bases where's not that easy to build speed so people would be split by the symmetric bases. (still need some playtesting to be sure)

It's not that easy here. I have considered making a cts/race parcour to show ppl some routes they might not be aware of as far as I planned/found them.

But if you want/can you can edit it to your liking but keep in mind I'm still changing/adding stuff when I got time.

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-21-2018

Nah, I trust you two and prefer for the work to speak the artist's mind.

RE: [WIP-b2] KOLOSSUS - _para - 08-26-2018

-spawnrooms are now matching the maps overall theme
-grates on the ceilings properly indented
-moved the spawnrooms (hoping it could fix the warpzone issue*)
-colored the minimap to show what territory you're on

*)It's still there. Several experiments have failed or made it even worse but showed that it has something to do with the vis-tree. Do you maybe have a solution?

[Image: qnmQiCC.jpg]

RE: [WIP-b4] KOLOSSUS - _para - 10-02-2018

[Image: iHsHMha.png]
More screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ZXrn3xS

Download: kolossus_b4.pk3

-which includes more detail
-spawn outlets are better to defend now
-fixed portal rendering
-moved crylink from top to replace GL in the corner of each base (-1 GL)
-GPL-2.0 license included

RE: [WIP-b4] KOLOSSUS - Smilecythe - 10-03-2018

That is looking dope!

RE: [WIP-b4] KOLOSSUS - illwieckz - 10-08-2018

Quote:illwieckz broke space-time. Einstein did NOT approve!

I didn't know this was possible! Big Grin

RE: [WIP-b4] KOLOSSUS - _para - 10-09-2018

Now it is. ;D

Also BETA 4a is here:
-reworked corridor lighting
-replaced flag models

Download: BETA 4a

[Image: ukbPxTd.jpg]
[Image: hjD8Cqn.jpg]