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[DM]encore - Cortez666 - 04-18-2020

First login in the forums after almost a year and after 2 Years this map https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=7745 is finished.

It's a 1v1 and 2v2 map.

[Image: getthumb.php?getimage=1586382021.jpg]
[Image: getthumb.php?getimage=1586669916.jpg]
[Image: getthumb.php?getimage=1586351889.jpg]
[Image: getthumb.php?getimage=1586710465.jpg]
[Image: getthumb.php?getimage=1586393967.jpg]
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ayz25hp1ea03eu6/encore.pk3/file

RE: [DM]encore - lister - 04-18-2020

Quote:It's a 1v1 and 2v2 map.
i think it works perfect as 11 people mosh pit, too. superb.

RE: [DM]encore - AriosJentu - 04-18-2020

Looks awesome. I'll try to test it soon Big Grin

RE: [DM]encore - AriosJentu - 04-19-2020

Awesome design, great flow over all map Big Grin I haven't words for tell how it's perfect Big Grin

RE: [DM]encore - RazorDodger - 04-19-2020

One hell of a sexy map there Cortez, can't wait to do some duels and tdm games on it :>

RE: [DM]encore - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-22-2020

Great job! Hosting it on my server.

RE: [DM]encore - illwieckz - 05-09-2020

Quote:<cortez> https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=8304 no one told me what i did wrong here? Im disappointed guys

Sorry, I had things to say Big Grin

Here you hit the playerclip while blasterjumping. I know a fix would not be easy to do since raising up the player clip will allow the player to see outside of the map…

[Image: xonotic20200509232830-00.jpg]

Also (easy to fix this time), every projectile shot to the sky instantly disappear since the skyboxes is just there. Maybe you can do a a real “room” skybox but with a player clip to let the projectile pass to fly a bit but not let the player pass. It's only cosmetic:

[Image: xonotic20200509233107-00.jpg]

Same about projectiles here:

[Image: xonotic20200509232959-00.jpg]

Same about projectiles here:

[Image: xonotic20200509233044-00.jpg]

Note that here you may allow curvy rockets to fly from the right to the left (may be fun if there was an interesting perk on the left).

[Image: xonotic20200509233156-00.jpg]

You can't reach the other side with blasterjumping because of the ceiling playerclip:

[Image: xonotic20200509233232-00.jpg]

Despite you can from there (the platform being lower, you have less chance to hit the ceiling playerclip):

[Image: xonotic20200509233401-00.jpg]

Overlapping texture there:

[Image: xonotic20200509233615-00.jpg]

This block is litterally blocking the player walk, maybe add an invisible playerclip-based ramp to smooth out things:

[Image: xonotic20200509233705-00.jpg]

Maybe bake this out-of-the-map decorative barell instead of using a destructible entity, then the game would have one entity less to track:  

[Image: xonotic20200509234020-00.jpg]

That's all folks!