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Understanding zoom settings. - youIsMe - 06-03-2020

I need some help understanding some settings.
My goal is to use 60fov for zoom in but keep my sensitivity the same.
Keeping sensitivity same means if I move my mouse zoomed in e.g. 1cm and it moves my crosshair from location A to B it should do the same without zoom.
This should be done with cl_zoomfactor and cl_zoomsensitivity.
I am using 100 fov. I want my zoom fov to be 60.
How does cl_zoomfactor work? I am not sure how the calculation works here. Same for cl_zoomsensitivity.
Quake champions has an option for keeping mouse movement the same when zooming but prior some calculations has to be done. I guess this applies here too.

Thanks a lot!