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Exec XonoticMod.cfg (or ruleset-kota) - Kotangens - 06-11-2020

If you want test my mod: (confusing, I know)
Name - XonoticMod.cfg

MOD CREATED ONLY FOR VERSION 0.8.2autobuild or ,maybe, git
Need all copying in text document in file .xonotic/data (linux)
i don't know others OS, sorry.

About arc:
                 -the arc now fires a beam every 1.25 seconds, continuing for 1 second.
                 -using ammo: 6 in second
                 -damage per second 150.
                 -Secondary - only melee weapon, it's a flamethrower
                 -distance 1000
                 -damage per second: 160.
                 -shots per second:20

About blaster:
                 -Primary fire now looks a bit like from quake 2.
                 -radius: large
                 -spread: small, up
                 -shots per second: 1-3
                 -start weapon
                 -Secondary fire like a machine gun.
                 -damage: 10
                 -radius: tiny
                 -force: negative(-70)
                 -spread: normal, up
                 -shots per second: 6-7
About crylink:
                 -Primary fire with scrolling, later fires 4 times faster
                 -damage: 7
                 -radius: none
                 -spread: sniper, up.
                 -Without bounces

                 -Shots fired while scrolling: 5
                 -Shots for scrolling: 10
                 -Shots after scrolling: 20
                 -reload ammo: 33(¯¯\__________________________________________
                 -reload time: 0.2(Without their weapons would have broken)
                 -Secondary Fire - Rapid Fire Shotgun, also scrollable, bad for big distancies
                 -damage: 5
                 -radius: None
                 -force: 150
                 -spread: threepeater.
                 -Shots fired while scrolling: 2-3;
                 -Shots for scrolling: 4;
                 -Shots after scrolling: 7-6;
About Devastator:
                 -fires two shots, the first shot is a fast rocket, the second is guided
                 -damage: 105(or 210)
                 -radius: small(50)
                 -guiding: powerfull
                 -there is secondary, damage is slightly lower, force is higher, radius is higher. Works only during fire.
                 -reload ammo: 15(7.5 any)
                 -reload time: 1,35(Without him, he would have broken)

                 -shots per second: 2(refire 0.1)
About electro:
                 -Primary fire is completely alien (nobody could think of it like me) --- Shotgun which is good for acceleration
                 -damage: 70
                 -spread: normal
                 -shots: 10
                 -refire 1
                 -radius: tiny
                 -force: normal
                 -reload ammo: 5
                 -reload time: 1
                 -Secondary fire like UT blades, only without headshots, small damage, can stop immediately if aimed correctly.
                 -damage: 25-30
                 -shots per second: 2
                 -radius: normal
                 -force: small
                 -shots for reload: 4
                 -good for long range or very weakened targets
                 -I will not talk about the combo - it is, in principle, powerful, but the balls are too bouncy, you will not need the same.
About fireball:
          -primary fire - just bfg8500 thousand
          -damage: 100-300
          -force:negative or very powerfull.
          -laseradius: larger
          -laserdamage: more
          -burn time: few time
          -spread: normal
          -secondary fire is a simple machine gun with a short distance, I wanted to turn it into an arc, but I thought it was too laggy.
          -shots per second: 5-7
          -damage: small
          -force: tiny
          -radius: none
          -laser radius and damage: small and normal
          -burn time: 1.5
          -spread: low
About hagar:
          -You won't regret using it, it's just great, very fast projectiles.
          -Primary fire:--/|
          -damage: 15
          -shots per second: 6-7
          -force: small
          -radius: normal
          -spread: big
          -ammo: 0.5
          -distance: 3500
          -reload ammo: 15
          -reload time: 1
          -Secondary fire: shooting in bursts
          -refire: 0.45
          -damage: 20;
          -force: normall
          -radius: none
          -spread: threepeater, smaller
About Heavy Large Assault Cannon:
          -primary fire: Scope turned him into a rifle
          -damage 55
          -force: large
          -shots for reload: 10-20

          -shots per second: 2-1
          -radius: normal
          -spread: small, after few shots sniper
          -reload ammo: 50
          -reload time: 2.7
          -Secondary fire is suitable for close combat - it fires two shots at once
          -damage: 10(20)
          -shots for reload: 30
          -force: large
          -shots per second: 6(or 12)
          -speed: low
About Overkill Heavy Machinegun:
           -Burst: 3
           -damage 15
           -refire 0.25(0.03)
           -reload ammo 3
           -reload time 0.25
           -force: low
           -spread: low-low-tiny
           -shots per second: 12(4)
About hook:
           -has gravity
           -start weapon
           -dont use fuel

           -max time 3-4 seconds
           -damage per time: 135;
About machinegun:
           -Primary - a slightly tense rapid-fire shotgun
           -shots: 2
           -shots per second: 6(12)
           -first spread: 0.01
           -second spread: 0.17
           -reload: participates as an engine
           -ammo 4
           -secondary - 100% shotgun
           -shots: 8
           -any damage: 12
           -any force: normall
About minelayer:
           -Minelayer - you will feel like a diversant, it has everything you need for it.
           -damage 50
           -detonate delay: 0.01
           -limit 5           
           -force 200
           -radius large
           -reload ammo: 20
           -reload time: 1.5
About mortar:

           -primary fire: at least he looks like himself
           -damage 75
           -refire 0.75
           -force large
           -spread: 0
           -shots for reload: 5
           -radius: large
           -reload ammo: 20
           -reload time: 1.5
           -Secondary fire: flac
           -shots per second:  7-8
           -damage: 15
           -spread: big
           -force: 15
           -radius: lowlowlowlowlowlowlowlowlowlow
About porto:
            -Portal Gun
            -1 second one shot.
About rifle:
            -primary fire - fires three shots.
            -force: large
            -damage: 75(25)
            -shots for reload: 6
            -spread: unreadable
            -reload ammo: 90
            -reload time: 3(longest reload time)
            -secondary fire: shotgun
            -damage 7.5
            -shots: 10
            -spread: 0.08
            -refire 0.75
            -shots for reload: 6
            -force: low
About Rocket Pocket chainsaw:
            -see devastator
            -damage  *2
            -force *2
            -refire 0.8
            -radius  *3
            -reload ammo: 3 shots
            -reload time: 1.8
            -secondary: fast shot
            -damage: low
            -force low
            -radius low
            -refire 0.8
About Seeker:
           -I made him better: now he guides the missiles himself.
           -force big
           -radius: guide
           -spread: 0.12
           -shots per second:20
           -secondary fire: flac gun
           -damage: 55
           -refire 0.7
           -radius  40
           -force low 
no selfdamage
About Shockwave and shotgun:
          -start weapons
          -damage 49-30
          -force: big and small
          -both has melee
                   -per second: 100 dmg
                   -force: crazy: 320
                   -range: 150
                   -refire 1
                   -per second: 100 dmg
                   -force: negative
                   -range: 100
                   -refire 0.1
About tuba:
           -magnet killer
           -damage: 20
           -force: -350
           -r@ng#: 256
About Overkill nex: linked nex's primary and secondary in primary fire in oknex with charge(1.4 refire)
About Overkill shotgun:
           -A simple double-barreled shotgun.
           -damage: 140
           -shots: 15(30)
           -spread: l@rge
           -force: big
           -secondary fire is arc
           -damage per second: 80
           -distance 1000
           -force: none
           -radius: none
About Overkill machinegun: P9000
About Minstanex:
            -... one shot one kill
            -radius 50
            -has scrolling: 4 shots
            -laser: damage 100
            -refire1: 1 second, refire2: 0.2 seconds(5 shots);
            -laser1 refire 0.2; laser2 - 0.5
            -laser1 force  300;
            -laser1 radius 50;
            -laser1 shots 10;
            -laser1 spread 0.12, random;
About nex:
            -Primary fire --- has normal damage, but has a very strong penetrating power.
            -damage - 65
            -force 0
            -Secondary fire: as primary: has crazy force, and little damage
            -damage 15
            -force 1500
            -both refire: 1.3
random of 2 okhmg seeker okrpc rifle vaporizer arc tuba porto hook okshotgun okmachinegun oknex shotgun shockwave fireball machinegun blaster devastator hlac electro mortar minelayer crylink vortex hagar; no blaster
random loot enabled
has cheats

hope you enjoy my balance of weapons. use all weapons - this is more interesting.
Have fun!

RE: MOD(balance-weapons), created by me. - lister - 07-18-2020

вы бы его, что ли, отформатировали, а то там длиннющие строки, невозможно понять, что происходит Smile

RE: MOD(balance-weapons), created by me. - Kotangens - 07-19-2020

(07-18-2020, 06:26 PM)lister Wrote: вы бы его, что ли, отформатировали, а то там длиннющие строки, невозможно понять, что происходит

RE: MOD(balance-weapons), created by me. - Kotangens - 07-20-2020

На свой отформленный мод. Big Grin