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A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - Kotangens - 06-24-2020

I want to introduce you to my new game mode!
Hide and seek is my idea that came to mind from lms, because there players can hide. rules: g_camocheck defaults to 1, those who hide must also hide in another place.

The hidden weapons are not as dangerous: a hook, a blaster, a destroyer and a machine gun. hp and their armor is one hundred. If the player is AFKER, then he will be just a spectator in 60 seconds. Searchers: the same weapons as campers, but instead of a blaster - a shock wave, a rocket launcher - a mortar, a hook in place, now a machine gun with a rifle, not a vortex. The searcher must find everyone in 3 minutes, the searcher is random, also when he kills the hidden person, he will also search. There is more health and armor - 150/50, campers can kill them, at the same time, they get a score of 1, the hunter only two, then when the campers are 50 >, then only one point, if the hiding survivor gets 10 points. Organization - the score is 30, if the search team wins, then each has 20 / the number of players, that is, for example, 20/4 = 5, each with 5 points. All cards, only those cards that are designated ONLY for racing, cts, nb and some of dm are excluded. implements can be added or removed from the list.
I can already imagine the finished config:
g_campandseek 1 // enable camp & seek
g_campandseek_campcheck 1 // enable campcheck
g_campandseek_campcheck_time 30 // every time it will be
g_campandseek_campcheck_damage 0 // first time
g_campandseek_campcheck_damage_other 50 // Another time that will cause damage
g_campandseek_campcheck_tell ^1Change place!
g_campandseek_campcheck_tell2 ^1CHARGE PLACE NOW
g_campandseek_teamplay 0 // enable teamplay mode, 0+1 seekers( if 0, then 1 seeker, 3 — 2+1 seekers)
g_campandseek_weapons_for_seekers "mortar rifle hook shockwave" //custom weapons
g_campandseek_weapons_for_campers "devastator machinegun hook blaster" //custom weapons
g_campandseek_join_in_game 0 // if  1,during the game the player can join.
g_campandseek_spec_for_camper 0 // killed camper can't join
g_campandseek_join_to_seekers 1 // killed camper join to seekers
g_campandseek_timeout 180
g_campandseek_score 1 // for campers
g_campandseek_score2 2 // for seekers, disabled if g_campandseek_score2_for_seeker 1
g_campandseek_score2_for_seekers 0.5 //% of campers
g_campandseek_score2_secondary 1 // How many score, disabled if g_campandseek_score2_for_seeker 0
g_campandseek_timeout_score_for_campers 10  // timeout score
g_campandseek_timeout_score_for_seekers 20
g_campandseek_timeout_score_number_seekers 1 // The bill will depend on the number of seekers(example: 5 seekers, 20/5 = 4, 4 points each)
g_campandseek_random_seeker 1 // random seeker of number of players
g_campandseek_nodm_maps 1
g_campandseek_nocts_maps 1
g_campandseek_norc_maps 1
g_campandseek_nonb_maps 1
g_campandseek_movetospec_afker 60 // afkers most be move to spec in few time
The answer is required !!!

RE: A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - Kotangens - 06-24-2020

Timeout lasts 2 months (62 days)

RE: A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - poVoq - 06-24-2020

I think most maps are too glitchy for that to work. Some people will exploit nearly impossible to reach places that will make a match next to impossible to win for the searcher.

RE: A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - Kotangens - 06-25-2020

There are people who use map bugs, such maps  can be excluded by the user.
gametype cas, it can be erased in mapinfo.

RE: A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - LegendGuard - 07-15-2020

In other words, a game mode similar to what gmod has, right?

RE: A NEW GAME MODE - HIDE AND SEEK! - Kotangens - 07-30-2020

(07-15-2020, 01:05 PM)LegendGuard Wrote: In other words, a game mode similar to what gmod has, right?

Does gmod have this? If so, probably yes.

ADD: when the match has started, the camper's weapons will disappear and they will become invisible when they take damage --- They receive the same weapons that were at the beginning, they have 10 seconds to become invisible back, but at the same time, remain without weapons. at the very beginning ALL (seekers, campers) are invisible.