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What's you favorite weapon??? - Kotangens - 07-02-2020

just vote.
if the weapon gets the most votes, it will become the best weapon.

RE: What's you favorite weapon??? - poVoq - 07-03-2020

Very much depends on the situation and the map. But the Mortar is probably the most versatile and somehow I like that it is a weapon unlike what can be found in other FPS (at first I was like: "what kind of absurd mix of a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher is this?!?" Wink ).

RE: What's you favorite weapon??? - _para - 07-03-2020

I'd say the same it really depends on the situation. For range nex feels satisfying and for close areas electro can be really nasty even tho I rarely play it.
But then i saw you added okmachinegun to the list haha. That one is just perfect especially on jeffs server dual wielded c:<

RE: What's you favorite weapon??? - Kotangens - 07-03-2020

I chose a rifle and a heavy machine gun for a reason - they have very strong penetration. The rifle does not need charging, but suffers from reloading (8 shots), it is suitable for any situation. As for the Heavy Machine Gun - even Dodger^  will not survive from this, he will inflict 600 damage in 1 second in 20 shots. He erases entire crowds into powder (1 vs 10).

RE: What's you favorite weapon??? - Julius - 11-01-2021

Mortar / Grenade Launcher with no doubt, from first day playing Nexuiz.

Electro is my second favorite weapon but not with vanilla settings Wink

RE: What's you favorite weapon??? - [CISN] Neigdoig - 11-01-2021

People are at least voting for their favorite weapon. Mine's also the Mortar.